BMW R 45 T 80-85 Battery Yuasa

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BMW R 45 T 80-85 Battery Yuasa
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Yuasa Yumicron Battery

Yuasa is the number one choice of original equipment manufacturers, fitted to nine out of ten new models as they come out of the factory. Yuasa batteries are reknowned worldwide for being high quality, reliable and long lasting and are available for a huge range of motorcycles, scooters and ATVs.

Yuasa YuMicron batteries offer several upgrades compared to conventional batteries:

Thinner separators
Allowing for 2 more lead plates per battery cell. This gives YuMicron 30% more starting power than conventional batteries
Sulphate stop
Unique formula to resist sulphation - the formation of lead-sulphate crystals which can cause damage, loss of power and difficulty in holding charge.
Heavy duty glass mat
Making YuMicron batteries more resistant to vibration damage.
Through-the-wall intercell connector
Minimises internal resistance, maximises power

Yuasa YuMicron are supplied 'dry' - they must be filled with electrolyte (supplied separately) and charged before use.

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Like all batteries, Yuasa batteries require periodic maintenance and, if not in use, charge. For more information, see our guides:
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