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Ducati V4 Panigale
A quick look at the new Panigale family member, the V4!
This year, Ducati has announced its newest addition to the Panigale family, the V4! The first mass-produced Ducati with a four-valve per cylinder engine, counter-rotating crankshaft, Öhlins electronic suspension, all new Brembo Stylema brake callipers and many more exciting features!

Named after the manufacturing town Borgo Panigale in central Italy, the Ducati Panigale is a series of sports motorcycles that have astounded motorcycle enthusiasts for seven years and counting.

The first thing to notice about the V4 is the sleek design. Ducatis have always been distinguishable by their extended fairings and the V4 strikes a fine balance between stylistic and functional with well-placed curves and pleasing edges.

The overall design is inspired by MotoGP standards of aerodynamic efficiency, making it a proper racing bike which you can legally take out on the road. The tank of the V4 is partially under the rider's seat to offer an even weight distribution.

The V4's throttle response is very receptive due to a revised fuel system, giving the tank a capacity of 19 litres and an estimated consumption of 34 mpg.

The "Desmosedici Stradale" engine is a jaw-dropping piece of engineering, with 1100cc pumping out over 210hp and its look is more than just eye candy; the V layout of the cylinders doesn't require a balance shaft, therefore eliminating extra power absorption and weight. Similar to race bikes, the V4 also has a counter-rotating crankshaft which makes turns and transitions a breeze.

The Panigale V4 has been released with three different variations:

The regular Panigale V4 (£21,195)

The V4 S which comes with Smart EC, allowing you to electronically adjust the suspension damping through different modes (£27,495);

And lastly, the V4 Speciale, of which there are only 1500 units produced. Each bike comes with an identification number and Italy's tricolour for the frame's colour. What makes the Speciale so speciale is that it comes with an Akrapovic exhaust which brings the power up to 222hp, and an optional addition of magnesium forged Marchesini racing wheels (£39,995)

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