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Ups and Downs
2017 sales results for Ducati, Triumph and Harley
Ducati and Triumph boast positive sales as Harley asks its investors for patience while it struggles through a continuing decline.

On Monday, we reported on Triumph's record sales. This is in the wake of its new Visitor Experience, which Prince William is set to officially open next week. Its revenue increased by 22 percent in 2017, to £498.50 million.  

Ducati, too, has reported positive sales figures. The Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer sold 55,871 bikes worldwide in 2017, up from 55,451 the previous year. The company attributes the Scrambler to its recent success, with a total of 14,061 sold, over 25 percent of its total sales. Ducati claimed its sales in Italy were particularly buoyant, ending with a 12 percent growth. While it also did well in Spain, China, and the USA, where it holds its largest market.

But as Ducati continues to grow in the US, Harley Davidson continues to shrink. Its sales were down 4 percent in 2016. In 2017, its US retail sales were down from 161,658 to 147,972, a decrease of 8.5 percent. Its global retail total was down 6 percent, from 260,289 to 242,788.

Shares in the company have been falling in recent years. Though up over the winter period, they dropped again at the end of January, when Harley announced its fourth-quarter fall year sales results. CEO Matthew Levatich has asked shareholders for patience as the company invests millions in marketing and product development.  


15/02/18 - If we consider the actual numbers???

          16/02/18 - Well I've had five ducati's and zero Harley Davidson's.

          18/02/18 - Just saying 240,000 HD sales compared to 55,000 at Ducati! I've had a HD, never had a Ducati. I've got Royal Enfield now

15/02/18 - Unsurprising really as both Ducati and Triumph are far better machines and have greater international appeal

15/02/18 - even triumph and ducati are doing better than harley!

Last Edited: 2018 February 19

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