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127 Piece Heat Shrink Assortment
£ 11.99 Information Part Information
30 x 2x40mm 25 x 2.5x40mm 20 x 3.5x40mm 25 x 5x40mm 16 x 7x80mm 8 x 10x80mm 8 x 13x85mm
Auto Probe 6-24V
£ 26.04 Information Part Information
Auto Probe 6-24V • A brilliant tool for the auto electrician and mechanic. • Carry out the following tests on systems from 6V up to 24V quickly and efficiently • Polarity test. • Power up components prior to fitting including: - Cooling fan motors - Fuel pumps - Window/Sunroof motors - Relays and Lamps - Wiper motors • Tests continuity in: - Switches - Diodes and Fuses - Relays - Wiring harnesses • Detect short circuits. • Locate bad earths quickly. • Fitted with a sensitive short circuit protection device. • Safe to use around vehicle’s electronic management systems. • Fitted with 4.5mtr cable allowing access to the rear of the vehicle and supplied with instructions.
Heat Shrink Tubes Pack
£ 12.28 Information Part Information
95pc Assorted heat shrink tubing. Sizes: 100mm x 3.2mm / 100mm x 6.4mm / 100mm x 4.8mm
Heat Shrink Wire Wrap 127 pcs Assortment Kit
£ 17.63 Information Part Information
Heat Shrink Wire Wrap Assortment Contains 2.0 x 40mm 30pc 2.5 x 40mm 25pc 3.5 x 40mm 20pc 5.0 x 40mm 20pc 7.0 x 80mm 16pc 10 x 80mm 8pc 13 x 85mm 8pc
Heavy Duty Helping Hands
£ 8.57  
Helping Hands
£ 4.06  
Insulation Tape 19mm x 20m Black
£ 1.00 Information Part Information
19mm x 20m Black
Scotch Lock Wire Connectors 10pcs
£ 10.07  
Sealey Automotive MINI Fuse Assortment 100pc
£ 7.13 Information Part Information
Contents:2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 7.5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, 30A x 10pc Automotive MINI blade type fuse assortment. Partitioned case.
Sealey Digital Multimeter
£ 12.83 Information Part Information
Hand-held multimeter measures DC and AC voltage; DC current and resistance. CAT II rated. Tests NPN, PNP transistors and diodes. 1000V rated probes. Large digital display for easy readings. Built-in continuity buzzer. Hold button. Rubberized protective case with integral stand. Supplied with temperature probe for temperature measurement, test leads. Requires 9V battery
Sealey Multimeter Test Lead And Crocodile Clip Set
£ 23.52 Information Part Information
Set of automotive test leads with 4mm diameter banana style connectors.
Used for testing and diagnosing faults in electronic circuits.
Suitable for use with most multimeters.

Non Stock Item Ordered On Request Only
Sealey Professional Digital Multimeter - 6 Function
£ 35.96 Information Part Information
Professional Digital Multimeter - 6 Function • High precision multimeter. • Conforms to EN 61010-1 CATIII 600V safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use. • Double moulded housing with soft grip case and large display for ease of use. • Probe and lead storage. • Integral upright stand for use on the workbench. • Supplied in zipped pouch with carry strap. Specification: AC Voltage (Accuracy): 200V, 600V (±1.2%) DC Voltage (Accuracy): 0-200mV, 2000mV, 20V (±0.5%), 200V, 600V (±0.8%) AC Current (Accuracy): No DC Current (Accuracy): 0-2000µA, 20mA (±1%), 200mA (±1.2%), 10A (±2%) Resistance (Accuracy): 0-200?, 2000?, 20k?, 200k? (±0.8%), 2000k? (±1%) Capacitance (Accuracy): No Temperature (Accuracy): No Frequency (Accuracy): No Duty Cycle: No Continuity Audible: Yes Diode Test: Yes Transistor Test: No Hi-Impact Rubber Case: Yes Digits x Height: 3.5 x 27mm Low Battery Indicator: Yes Battery (Supplied): 1 x 9V Information: Battery Test 1.5V, 9V (±1%) Size (L x W x D): 145 x 68 x 35mm Weight: 260g Conformity: EN 61010-1
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