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Heat Shrink Tubes Pack
£ 12.28 Information Part Information
95pc Assorted heat shrink tubing. Sizes: 100mm x 3.2mm / 100mm x 6.4mm / 100mm x 4.8mm
Heat Shrink Wire Wrap 127 pcs Assortment Kit
£ 17.63 Information Part Information
Heat Shrink Wire Wrap Assortment Contains 2.0 x 40mm 30pc 2.5 x 40mm 25pc 3.5 x 40mm 20pc 5.0 x 40mm 20pc 7.0 x 80mm 16pc 10 x 80mm 8pc 13 x 85mm 8pc
Heavy Duty Helping Hands
£ 8.57  
Helping Hands
£ 4.06  
Insulation Tape 19mm x 20m Black
£ 1.00 Information Part Information
19mm x 20m Black
Scotch Lock Wire Connectors 10pcs
£ 10.07  
Sealey Digital Multimeter
£ 12.83 Information Part Information
Hand-held multimeter measures DC and AC voltage; DC current and resistance. CAT II rated. Tests NPN, PNP transistors and diodes. 1000V rated probes. Large digital display for easy readings. Built-in continuity buzzer. Hold button. Rubberized protective case with integral stand. Supplied with temperature probe for temperature measurement, test leads. Requires 9V battery
Sealey Soldering Iron 40W
£ 11.11  
Solder 100g
£ 3.31  
Solder 20g
£ 1.45  
Soldering Iron Electric Kit
£ 25.09  
Soldering Iron Gas
£ 14.20  
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