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Air Pump Floor by Oxford
£ 23.28  
Air Pump Foot Heavy Duty Double Barrel
£ 21.31  
Bike Tek Professional Tyre Pressure Gauge Analogue
£ 30.23 Information Part Information
Professional Tyre Pressure Monitor Easy-read Analogue Dial Displays BAR and PSI Pressure draw-off button for pressure accuracy Shock resistant Storage Case Stetho style with remote valve for easy fitment.
Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge PSI & BAR
£ 12.59 Information Part Information
Digital Display PSI and BAR settings Range 0 to 120 PSI or 0 to 6.9 BAR Automatic Shut-off CE approved. Temperature range 0-40 degrees. 3V Lithium Battery Included. Fits neatly in the palm of the hand.
Emergency Puncture Repair Kit for Tubeless Tyres
£ 8.95 Information Part Information
For emergency use ONLY
Manual Tyre Changer for 17-21 Rims
£ 78.32 Information Part Information
Non Stock Item Ordered On Request Only
Motion Pro Bead Buddy 2
£ 9.95  
Pro Clean Tyre Lube 250ml
£ 7.06 Information Part Information
Super Low Friction Extra Quick Drying For Race Ready Action Suitable For All Types Of Tyres And Rims
Puncture - Puncture Seal Linseal OKO 500ml (Off Road Use Only)
£ 9.96 Information Part Information
Manufacturer does not recommend for road use.
Puncture - Tyre Tube Puncture Repair Kit
£ 3.80 Information Part Information
Rubber Cement and over 30 Patch in 2 Sizes
Rep & Air Tubed Tyre Temporary Puncture Repair Kit
£ 26.21 Information Part Information
Motorcycle kits are available for TUBE and TUBELESS tyres, allowing the rider to make a temporary roadside repair. The kits are compact enough to fit beneath the seat, including all repair materials, air canisters and instruction needed. Suitable for thread area punctures of up to 4mm diameter. PLEASE NOTE: Repaired tyres must be checked and professionally repaired or replaced within 250 miles, and have speed limitation of 60kmh (40mph).
Rim Protectors in Pack of 5
£ 8.45  
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