Winter Products

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Brake and Clutch Cleaner 500ml Aerosol
£ 3.16  
Brake Cleaner - Rock Oil Brake Kleen Non Chlorinated 400ml Aerosol
£ 6.43  
Carburettor Cleaner - Motorex - 500ml
£ 9.36 Information Part Information
Cleans air passages, intake valve, venturi tube, etc etc. Suitable for all types of carburettors.
Chain Cleaner Muc-Off Quick Drying 400ml
£ 8.48  
Cleaning Brush Set Muc-Off 5
£ 27.52 Information Part Information
1 x Claw Brush 1 x Detailing Brush 1 x Soft Washing Brush 1 x Two Prong Brush 1 x Wheel Component Brush
Cleaning Brush Set Oxford Brush and Scrub 4
£ 13.76 Information Part Information
Universal cleaning brushes 4 pack of shapes, sizes and tpes for a wide range of application Ergonomically designed handles
Crystal Heat Pads
£ 7.19 Information Part Information
Includes 1 x pair of heat pads
Foam Lever Sleeves Black- Slips onto Brake and Clutch Levers
£ 1.99 Information Part Information
Two sleeves
GT85 Cleaning / Lubrication / Maintenance Spray with PTFE 200ml
£ 1.94  
GT85 Cleaning / Lubrication / Maintenance Spray with PTFE 400ml
£ 2.40  
Hand Grip Covers Muffs Universal
£ 29.99  
Heated Handlebar Grips Standard Bars (7/8 inch ) - Handlebar Mounted Temperature Unit - Recommended
£ 40.00 Information Part Information
Keep your hands warm this winter! These work really well with 2 different heat settings.
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