Picture of Yamaha TW 200 E (3LY) 89-90 Fork Tube - Stanchion - Single

Part Description

Yamaha TW 200 E (3LY) 89-90 Fork Tube - Stanchion - Single

Dimensions: Diameter: 33mm Length: 582mm

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Paolo Tarozzi Fork Stanchions

As fork stanchions wear with use they often become pitted, and a pitted fork will chew through oil seals. Additionally, with use forks can begin to bend due to flexing and heavy braking, which will impact on both seal integrity and handling.

Italian made Tarozzi fork stanchions are made to the same standard as original equipment, with a quality hard chrome finish, and in the majority of cases cost a fraction of the price of the original equipment.

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Instructional DVD- A Guide For Replacing Your Fork Seals



All DVDs start and end with the bike on the ground, They don't miss out any steps and always use standard home garage tools where possible and show you how to make your own special tools where necessary. We explain why you need to do each task and try to give you a good understanding of the principles behind each job.

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  • Dismantle and separate each fork and crucially, in what order!
  • Separate the fork halves
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Paolo Tarozzi Fork Stanchions

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Hard Chrome Fork Tubes

With their excellent quality and value replacement fork stanchions, Paolo Tarozzi is now the largest replacement fork manufacturer in the world.

Coloured fork tubes also available

Manufactured in Italy, these replacement fork stanchions are made to the same specifications as the original equipment, with a reliable and corrosion resistant hard chrome finish - not soft 'show chrome' as is original on some motorcycle models.

In addition to the standard chrome finish, coloured fork stanchions with a hardened titanium nitride coating in gold, copper or black is available for many models.

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