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The Givi luggage system offers a complete range of solutions to mount luggage on your motorbike. These are basically divided into three different systems:

Monorack Sidearms:Lateral supports that offer a fitting base for the different GIVI Top Box Plates. These can be Nylon or Aluminium Plates and are divided into two types: The Monolock type, made for smaller and lighter top cases, for bikes over 500cc. Although Monorack Sidearms can fit both of them, Givi do not recommend fitting Monolock top cases for bikes larger than 500cc.

Tubular Side Case Holders: The ideal solution for mounting a pair of side cases in conjunction with the Monorack system. Tubular Side Case Holders are divided into two types: the PL ones, that can fit all Monokey side and top cases, and the PLX ones made for V35 side cases only. Sometimes they can be mounted as standalone, sometimes they require monorack sidearms to be installed. Check part notes to know which is your case.

Wingrack System: An alternative solution for two or three cases configuration. Usually not compatible with Monorack sidearms they can be installed with their bike specific fitting kit or using the universal one, which fits most of the bikes that are missing a specific fitting kit. Wingrack Sideplates are different for full or half configuration (three or two cases) and come with or without inbuilt indicators. An additional connecting bridge (Y100) is required for a Two Sidecases configuration (Half Wingrack).

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