The French do take their motorcycling seriously. Reflective helmet tape, the carrying of the hi-vis jacket. And now gloves will be compulsory too.

All riders of a motorcycle, scooter, trike or quad will have to wear them from 20th November onwards. Oh, and passengers will have to as well. So don't get caught out if you've any trips planned across the water, else you could face a fine of €68.

This being France, it's obviously not going to go down without a protest. The main bike organisation, Federation des Motards en Colere, is dumbfounded by the forthcoming law. It's not against wearing gloves - in most cases, its members do protect their hands - but the threat of penalty points and fines for something which doesn't put other people's lives at stake.

Apparently, 12% of riders in France currently choose to ride without gloves. Which, in the event of an accident, can cause serious hand injuries. But should they be compulsory, or should glove wearing be an individual choice? And if the French are doing it, should we be doing it too? We'll leave that one up to you. Let us know what you think by emailing


04/10/16 - I always wear gloves. Not hecause I'm told to but because I value my hands. However, with all the blame laid on motorcyclists taking up loads of medical/nhs funds because of injuries (possibly) contributed to through lack of appropriate protective clothing it would be in our own interests. I know riders aren't the main cause of accidents, that's a different arguement entirely, but the resulting injuries are the same regardless of fault.

04/10/16 - Never understand why you want to ride with out? what's the 1st thing you put out when you fall over HANDS we've all come off bikes banged knees etc and still rode home but not if you do your hands in

04/10/16 - Wouldn't ride without but this should be well down the list of compulsory things for road users, wearing gloves won't save you life and dare I say that if we did go down this route armoured jacket and trousers, boots and high vis would be pretty hard on its heels. Would prefer to see stupid lights on cars banned and all cars to be fitted with mobile phone blockers that come on as soon as you start moving and cycling helmets :) for me gloves won't save a life so they shouldn't be compulsory.

04/10/16 - Riders safety gear should be checked as part of an MOT just like seat belts and air bags in a car. Most people with common sense would'nt rider without them, but there's always some who carn't see sense

04/10/16 - Wouldn't ride without them. I value my hands too much , as they earn my living!

04/10/16 - Wearing boots, gloves n motorcycle jacket should be compulsory, helmets should be part of mot too.

04/10/16 - France has a long history of bringing unpopular rules then not enforcing them - reflective stickers on helmets, carrying breathalysers etc. Personally I'd never ride without gloves, as I quite like having skin on my hands.

         07/10/16 - Having skin on your hands is definitely an advantage, I find.

04/10/16 - Helmets as part of an mot i can kind of understand what with loads of cheap nasty helmets creeping on to the roads. If it ever did become an mot item the tester would probably use the Sharp ratings system. It's already in place and used by retailers.

04/10/16 - Gloves keep your hands warm and protected from debris this means hands are then able to operate the machine correctly with minimal impairment... A helmet and gloves should be the limit.

05/10/16 - Let's face it you can hardly ever go far in the uk whithout.

05/10/16 - the freedom to ride/drive bollock naked should remain the choice of the person, if your stupid enough to do it compulsory clothing ain't gonna make a sh*te of difference

05/10/16 - Not so much a safety thing with me (triker ) but I find gloves give a better grip on throttle and levers.

05/10/16 - Yes

05/10/16 - Yes

05/10/16 - My head. My life. Just let me have separate insurance to cover switching off the Machine if I fall off the Motorcycle & hurt my head/body. Stop forceing me to go FASTER than my eyes could see ,Without the Crash hat on. As it's safer & quicker stopping at slower speeds but with a Bash hat on. 100mph is easy to achieve going to local shops ;-) Without the eyes watering like hell

05/10/16 - NOPE. Only Should be Handed a Bill from the NHS If injurys could have been stoped before becoming a problem. = Shorts & gravel rash, Broken bones after Skate bording. Like the Australians NHS. True Injurys get no bill but most who go for treatment COULD HAVE STOP ED IT BEFORE BE COMING A PROBLEM For our over worked under funded NHS Dealing with so many Fat brain dead Game playing time effort wastefull non thinking Retarded humans. Who should get a bill for there time spent in A&E

          08/10/16 - Oh this old cherry is it. Listen bud, I've paid tax and stamp for over 40 years....that's me paid my medical insurance. You want to charge me for treatment required for your defibition of wilful neglect. How far will you go? I eat red meat, drink full fat milk, smoke and vape and ride motorbikes without dressing up like a power ranger and dammit drive a car that doesn't have seat belts, airbags or abs. This is not Australia or America. ..this is Britain and we have, just, an NHS which is free at the point of use.

06/10/16 - Should parachutes be compulsory for mountaineers?

06/10/16 - Legislation isn't the answer

06/10/16 - My old boss told me a story of a big biker that thought he was jack the lad with no gloves , he come off on a gravel track , witnesses said he was screaming in pain as he had no skin left on his hands , I never ride without gloves ever for that simple reason , thanks to my old boss

06/10/16 - Load of b**locks,do what you want,f**k 'em!what next,dayglo's and full face helmets?!

          06/10/16 - I agree, all these t**ts in favour, next it will be leg protectors, full leathers, then f**k it ban bikes altogether

06/10/16 - Yes

06/10/16 - Naked just with my helmet and gloves on , across France

          07/10/16 - Don't forget your hi-viz of course!

          07/10/16 - Can't reply to that

          07/10/16 - Gravel rash on Percy is painful (no, I don't know for sure)

          08/10/16 - My wife has just asked........any pics??

          08/10/16 - Can't believe how many folk have asked for pictures , will see what pictures the police decide to show me , they said standing up at 60 mph naked was not a pretty sight , while riding a motorbike , I explained I had my gloves on

06/10/16 - Definitely not. Hands are the first things you put out when you come off. If you can't think to wear gloves for that reason... well, enjoy the lesson

06/10/16 - No. I think you have to be an utter pranny to ride without gloves, but education NOT compulsion

06/10/16 - They shouldn't have to be compulsory, but I would never ride without a descent pair, who the hell wouldn't wear gloves, just go outside and drag your hands along the road for a few feet lol

06/10/16 - You should always Ware gloves it saves the poor nurses having to pick half of the road out of your hands of some I.Q. Zero in a car pulls out in front of you.

06/10/16 - YES

06/10/16 - Never ride without them,,

06/10/16 - PS the same goes for a push bike

06/10/16 - Never ride anything without no matter where we are and how hot it gets once bitten

06/10/16 - Riding without gloves is daft... Wearing gloves saved my hands when I was hit into a stone wall by a driver who wasn't watching where she was going.

06/10/16 - I wouldn't go out with out them, but should be the rider choice.

06/10/16 - Iv been off at speed,thank god I had full leathers on,the thought of what damage I would have inflicted on myself ?frightening.

06/10/16 - I'd say not. I'd advise anyone to wear them, though

06/10/16 - Totally amazed at the amount of people who don't wear gloves

06/10/16 - Gloves on for me

06/10/16 - Yes.

06/10/16 - Stupid question..Will boots and jackets be next..? If you cant or ar are unwilling to police and enforce the law, you shouldnt pass them. Especially this unnecessary rubbish !

06/10/16 - Gloves keep your hands warm and protected from debris this means hands are then able to operate the machine correctly with minimal impairment... A helmet and gloves should be the limit.

          06/10/16 - And if you should happen to drop the machine gloves offer protection to the hands from getting ripped to pieces on the road surface.

06/10/16 - I see too many motorcyclists wearing inappropriate clothing it worries me. Shorts and T shirts is not appropriate and if people will not protect themselves then legislation has to be brought in to force them to.

06/10/16 - What should be done is do away with VAT on all safety equipment such as helmets, leathers, gloves, etc. It would allow people to buy better quality and suitable for purpose equipment!

06/10/16 - We have compulsory speed limits everywhere , yet there is an outcry for them to be made lower when someone kills them self at twice the limit! If you make gloves compulsory idiots will still ride without them, and the rest of us will get lumbered with the next "safety" idea. Let the idiots ride gloveless, but leave the thinking people alone !

07/10/16 - Nothing should be compulsory when it comes to clothing, it might be sensible...but not compulsory.

07/10/16 - Yes and leathers or appropriate gear

07/10/16 - NO ! Let thoughs who ride decide ?

07/10/16 - Safety Nazis in their polite vests jumping out. No gear should be a requirement. I near always wear a leather jacket, boots and gloves, but on hot days I'll happily downgrade to a shirt or hoody.

I only wear a lid because it's enforced. A short trip to the shops or riding on a long open road up in Scotland would be fantastic without a helmet.

07/10/16 - I am one of those idiot bikers that ride in nothing but a T-shirt and my cut and a piss pot helmet. I know how unsafe it is, I've crashed wearing these things (my fault: clutch jammed while filtering in moving traffic). I was not a pretty sight. But that's in summer and even then I don't do it on long journeys or motorways in the winter I wear full leathers and thermals, since I commute for two hours daily on my bike it makes all the difference. But I've also crashed my bike in full leathers. I was not a pretty sight then either (his fault, ran me off the road on a junction). Since then I realised safety on a motorbike is mainly wishful thinking and preparation for worst case scenarios.

It's been six years since my accident. Six whole summers of feeling the wind unrestricted and care free wearing 0 safety but a helmet and boots. So feel free to judge. God knows I see the iron clad safety police shake their head when they pass me on the lanes. But I wouldn't trade it for the world and you might be safe from scratches and bruises when you inevitably hit the dirt but passing judgement on the liberty of others just makes you a bit of a pr**k.

          08/10/16 - Says the guy that believes in the way one does.

          08/10/16 - Totally agree About 80% of the time i wear my gear, mainly cos its cold. But riding in a t shirt and pair of jeans feels liberating and changes the dynamic of biking for me. My best riding was a fortnight in spain on a guzzi california before the helmet laws came in over there. Personally i believe it should be the riders decision, after all nit many if us became bikers to confirm and be regulated.

08/10/16 - I've never understood why a life that's meant to be about brotherhood and freedom has so many strangers trying to tell you what you should wear/ride. Just be happy

07/10/16 - YES! gloves can be replaced like helmets and boots but your hands like your head and feet cannot!'s just common sense really but from the prats you see in flip flops / sandals and the like along with undone helmets and bare hands riding about.. common sense is some more uncommon!

07/10/16 - Reflective helmet tape is not compulsory for visitors to France, it only applies to new helmets purchased in France worn by people who live there...

07/10/16 - no

07/10/16 - I think you should always wear gloves

07/10/16 - A contentious debate, I wear gloves, they are comfy. If they were restrictive or not comfy, I'd find another way to protect my hands from the elements and gravel rash. Let the debate begin. The gloves are off!

07/10/16 - No, nothing should be compulsory, whats next then, hi vis, legshields, kevlar, airbags, stabilisers FFS

07/10/16 - " YES " without a doubt.

07/10/16 - No I personally always wear gloves

          07/10/16 - I hate wearing gloves on my bike .

07/10/16 - I don't go out unless I'm completely dressed in all my bike gear, I value all of me, not just my hands.

07/10/16 - lets ask the person who took the skin off his hands

07/10/16 - Just make them compulsory and watch the price rise. I always wear gloves

07/10/16 - It shouldn't need to be compulsory.Would you ever consider holding your hands on a linishing machine or grinding wheel.I thought not!

07/10/16 - I'd never ride without gloves but enforcement's the start of a slippery slope that would see all but the rich priced off the road.

07/10/16 - Berate me if you like ive been riding for 40 plus years 17 of which were despatching ive rode in shorts never worn a full face lid i love the freedom motorcycles give me long may it continue but ill wear what i want i cycle a lot aswell do i have to wear full protective clothing on my pushbike ? Ill carry on doing what ive always done thankyou

07/10/16 - F**k No!!!! Individual choice. Helmet laws, seat belt laws, don't do that, can't do this. RFID & your speeding fine is waiting for you when you get home 'cause Big Brother really IS watching you. F**K that, & all done in the name of SAFETY. Piss off

08/10/16 - If you have a brain and you like your hands how they look wear gloves it's like the plebs who go out on a bike with shorts and a vest that is beyond stupid.

08/10/16 - I always wear gloves when riding but my garage is at the back of my house and it's a few hundred yards to get from the back to the front. If I'm going to go out I will get the bike out early, ride round with just a helmet, park at the front of the house and then get kitted up. I would be gutted if I got fined for doing this without gloves.

08/10/16 - Nothing should, but mesh gloves are better than none

08/10/16 - Compulsory? I'm not sure. First helmets, then gloves... it's a slippery slope heading towards mandatory fully armoured, Kevlar-lined onesies with integrated boots... and it still won't stop a van or lorry crushing your legs or chest, your spine being severed over a fire hydrant, or being decapitated from motorway divider cables.

I fully believe in responsibility for your own actions. Crash wearing protective gear, and you get the best of treatment. Crash wearing flip-flops and shorts and, well, you knew the risks, you get what you deserve

08/10/16 - Gloves. 😂why don't use just get a car

08/10/16 - I don't think anything should be compulsory but advisory. We(bikers) all pay taxes to use the road but there other road users that don't .They never targeted with having to wear special clothing, more and more testing,road worthy vehicles or have insurance. No , not just talking about cyclists(the favoured users who can do no wrong) but mobility vehicles . Oh and of course pedestrians

08/10/16 - Nah, let Darwinism take its course.

08/10/16 - Another pointless to harass innocent people with

08/10/16 - Yes they should I work in a hospital and I've seen the injuries first hand. Look up degloving injury in images for the full gory details.

08/10/16 - I (nearly) always wear gloves on the principle that gravel rash heals and bones mend but you can't regrow fingers. But the whole safety preacher thing really pisses me off. Judge the risk, if it's too scary buy a car.

08/10/16 - No

08/10/16 - To much health and safety in the country.... when will we say no ... all the other countries get said. E rules and ignore them yet we have to stuck to them ... f**k ummmmm let natural take its course

08/10/16 - It's not about the safety issue for me, it's about rider choice pure and simple. Yes there's a cost for health care if you get it wrong but smoking and drinking costs far more at the end of the day, and they still get to choose..

08/10/16 - Common sense and basic self preservation is all that should be needed, riding without gloves is horrible anyway so even if I'm just wearing casual streetwear (kevlar lined/armoured but wouldn't trust it as much as leather in an off...) decent gloves are essential, I quite like my hands and don't really want to watch them get ground away without anesthetic. :/

Those who think it's worth the risk will still do it. I think making it much more likely I'd lose my hands in a crash was more motivation than the threat of losing €68 Euros so I doubt it'll do much to change people's minds.

Shame I can see it becoming another French rule that doesn't really get enforced until the brits start rolling off the ferries during the peak travel season.

08/10/16 - yes i was following a truck carrying apples and one fell of if i was not wearing gloves i would probably have broke my knuckles

08/10/16 - They have a climate just a little biut different ours where gloves can actually help make you too hot and distract you, so maybe there' a sensible reason at times!

08/10/16 - Leathers .... full stop ..... even in the summer .... gives u a chance

08/10/16 - Better to bake than break. Doesn't matter how hot it is I always wear my leathers. Jacket, trousers, gloves and a helmet of course. It just isn't worth the risk and on a hot day you shed a few pounds, but better than shedding skin

08/10/16 - No

08/10/16 - No should not be compulsory. We have to many laws.

08/10/16 - Yes, Last time I rode without them, over 25 years ago, my chain snapped and I came off. Gravel rash and intense pain from lacerations on hand was intense. I drove without them again, even on hot days.

08/10/16 - Motorcycle riding is a matter of choice, including what you wear. Hopefully common sense will dictate use of gloves, boots, and helmet....however, if I want others to dictate what I wear, do, or otherwise act, then I belong in somewhere like East Germany pre Berlin Wall, not in a so called free country.

08/10/16 - Always worn choice..

08/10/16 - Safety Nazis in their polite vests jumping out. No gear should be a requirement. I near always wear a leather jacket, boots and gloves, but on hot days I'll happily downgrade to a shirt or hoody.

I only wear a lid because it's enforced. A short trip to the shops or riding on a long open road up in Scotland would be fantastic without a helmet.

          08/10/16 - Unfortunately the habit of 'safety neurosis' has caught on in most once free thinking Western nations. Motorcyclists have become sowilfully compliant with legislation, that they can't be surprised whn motorcyling is banned on public roads totally

08/10/16 - Freedom of choice. MAG

08/10/16 - Short of riding up and down the street I would never ride without gloves!I don't think there should be legislation to force us though?Its not a big problem,is it??

08/10/16 - NO.

However I won't ride without boots, kevlar jeans, helmet and jacket... But I feel in far better control of my ZZ-R600 without gloves x

08/10/16 - No gloves= stupidity...... simples!

08/10/16 - From experience wear them tarmac vs skin is only ever gonna be one winner an that depends on if u hit something or not on the way to the floor

08/10/16 - With out a second thought.

08/10/16 - This just doesn't warrant legislation. Just yet another daft idea to come from E.U

08/10/16 - Back in the day a friend came off on gravel and wasn't wearing gloves ... he soon found out who his real friends were when he need to pee and couldn't because of the bandages ... turned out he didn't have as many as he hoped ... :-)

08/10/16 - We had a choice regarding helmets years back and even though one saved my life back in the 60's and even then I was only given three days to live I still didn't wear one all the time once out of hospital till it was made compulsory and wouldn't all the time today if I had a choice. The same with gloves and all this padded safety gear that some feel they have to wear because they fear having a tumble could kill them. It should be up to each individual as to what they wear not have it forced upon them or it will eventually take all the fun and enjoyment out of riding a bike.

08/10/16 - No. Let the rider decide. If it's made law, it's just a cash generator.

08/10/16 - I always wear protective gear including gloves, but I really do not think it should be compulsory, freedom in life is always more important

08/10/16 - I always wear gloves not because anyone tells me to but because I'm not a f**king moron

08/10/16 - Thanks to everyone who voted out of the eu we will not have to bother with French s**t

08/10/16 - Yes


08/10/16 - Full face helmets with tinted visors for right ugly f**kers should be mandatory

08/10/16 - They sell all that clothing for a reason its not just for show

08/10/16 - The wearing of proper protective clothing should be compulsory, aprt from anything else it would save the NHS a lot of money.

08/10/16 - Gloves are good but where does this all end, no bikes?

08/10/16 - What f**kin stupidity is this? We're adults, we can decide what to wear all by ourselves

08/10/16 - Should be up to the individual, someone told me if you fall the first thing you do is put your hands out . I wear them every trip

08/10/16 - Choice is riders but probs recommended

08/10/16 - No riding gear should be compulsory! Then, as others have said, I rarely ride without full gear anyway, other than just up & down the street I live in.

08/10/16 - Only an idiot would ride without gloves, but it should be their choice.

08/10/16 - My common sense makes them pretty much compulsory for me anyway.

08/10/16 - yes 200 pounds fine if your not .

02/11/16 - It makes zero difference how much reflective tape you wear & how bright your hi-vis jacket it...if the moron driving the car in front, or the lane next to you is masturbating/on the 'phone/eating/reading the paper/in a trance/picking their nose/dreaming of who or what they will have sex with/high on drugs etc etc, they WILL kill you!

I have been biking for 30+ years and I assume that ANYONE in my field of vision has the mental capability of a lobotomised sheep! Oh yes...that goes for other motorcyclists - given what I see on a daily basis on the M27 in Hampshire! I don't care if it's not "nice" but I don't trust anyone more than an inch!

But that said...gloves are a MUST! if you come off, you put your hands down as a reflex action...bare hands will get scraped off..and that will smart!

02/11/16 - Where are these thousands of maimed people that show the need for this new legislation?  Apart from some scooter riders in cities the only time we see riders without gloves is on short rides on hot days – not exactly a big problem there!

The sooner we get away from this horrendous legislation-obsessed super-state the better

02/11/16 - A gem of wisdom from my ex-police riding examiner (ROSPA); “you are never safe on a bike (stands to reason) you just need to be as safe as you can be!” No adequate protective clothing (including gloves) = no test.

02/11/16 - There is a problem with legislating safety in that it'll be enforced no matter, so you are riding your bike to the front of your house at 5mph from your garage..fined!

Also I note ('cos I've been around for a time) now we have compulsory seat belts, side impact bars and airbags in cars, some people feel they are impregnable and will be safe no matter what, all this protection gives you a false sense of security, so still going at 60mph on an icy morning, it seems, is still OK, the accident rate go up when we have our first icy day!

My father once said if you want to reduce road accidents, put car drivers in a Perspex bubble at the front of the car on a wooden stool two inches off the ground!! (Not serious, but makes a valid point)

If I do ride without my leathers (but always with gloves) I am a lot more cautious because I know I'm at greater risk (Same if I carry a pillion), and I enjoy riding in denims much more than leathers, if it's hot!

Down to choice.

02/11/16 - I don't like the idea of more legislation, it's up to the individual. But if you, God forbid, drop the bike for whatever reason and bounce down the tarmac it hurts, and it hurts a lot more without some form of protection. Gravel rash is far more serious than broken bones.

03/11/16 - To be brutally honest anyone that wishes to risk any part of themselves by not wearing safety clothing should be perfectly free to do so, however I’d like to see a law that exempted them from free medical treatment for injuries caused or exacerbated by their choice. The only person that I would insist wore full protective gear (as I do) would be my pillion passenger, while they are on my bike they are my responsibility, if they want me to carry them in shorts and sandals they have the option of public transport or walking.

03/11/16 - I have ridden bikes in the south of France in the summer months and can say that wearing gloves in temperatures of 35deg.C is pretty uncomfortable. The same goes for armoured trousers and jackets. Most of the local riders can be seen wearing an open-faced helmet (unfastened…); ‘T’ shirt, shorts and flip-flops. Enforced glove-wearing will not help much.

The weather in the part of Britain where I live provides the opposite argument  -  it would be detrimental to the well being of all my extremities were I not to wear gloves and all the other gear.

Common sense should apply, but these days it’s not as common as it used to be.


03/11/16 - I do not see any reason why anyone in their right mind would want to ride without safetywear, but if they are that stupid so be it. I would say that if some retard wishes to ride without safety wear they should be obliged to sign an agreement that if they have an injury that needs medical attention, either in doctor surgery or hospital, they should be obliged to pay for the treatment. Why should the taxpayer fork out for these brainless idiots?

03/11/16 - 90% of statistics are made up, or so it was said!

       13% is so made up as a figure. So its going to be that you must wear gloves. Oh wait! To what standard? We must form a commitee and a governing body, oh and don't forget the inspectors.

       I can see French riders riding around in fingerless knappa leather gloves and then facing an E.U. enforced standard. Its not bikers who ride without gloves its scooter riders in the south of France. In near 40° heat leather gloves rot very quickly. You cannot stop stupid people doing stupid things! So don't try it annoys those that are not.

03/11/16 - I think what an individual does in this respect is completely up to themselves . It is astonishing how many say 'I always wear gloves etc so should be compulsory ' that is not the point , the point is should it be a legal requirement ? Of course not, things have an inexorable habit of moving from one bit of legislation to another , and the next new bit you might not be so keen on. Law makers will never LIKE bikes so would happily have the lot of us out the way. Education is the sane way, get people riding bikes younger you learn bl**dy quick that if you don't wear gloves  things hurt horribly . Idiots will not take any notice anyway, plus prob won't have money to pay fine .

At the end of the day bikes are an expression of freedom don't allow legislation to erode this . But also wear your gloves when required , without a law to make you.

04/11/16 - You can't pick your nose with gloves on.............every cloud.......

04/11/16 - Personally I ride with gloves all the time as I value my hands in the unfortunate event of an accident. But I do think that it should be down to rider choice and if someone wants to risk it then let them. The idea of being a biker is that its about freedom to decide what type of hat/gloves or protective jackets you do or don't wear.

25/11/16 - We shouldn't need laws to tell us what to wear. As individuals we can make the decision for our selves. It is called freedom of choice. Have a look at the Motor Cycle Action Group web site for more information

Posted by John Newman
for Wemoto News on 04 October 2016 in General News

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