BMW R nineT
Heritage seems to be a buzzword of late, and one that BMW Motorrad has been cashing in on with its R nineT series.

Launched in 2013, the original roaster offered BMW fans a winning combination of things. Old-school looks. Quality build. Modern handling. Personalisation - it was a 'blank canvas' of a bike, designed specifically for customising.

The bike featured a removable rear frame and separate engine - just a few examples of how it could be adapted. And BMW offered many different options and accessories as such.

It had a fairly hefty price tag (£11,600, now £11,900). Not the usual type of bike I'd image the average custom bike lover getting. Surely a part of the appeal for customising is that it can be done so with cheap bikes? But, still, they sold well.

BMW R nineT Scrambler
Then earlier this year BMW released a scrambler version which it dubbed as 'Honest. Untamed. Air-Cooled', and which was also met with a warm welcome from BMW fans. This one has a price tag of £10,530. Now, the latest two to be added to the family, the Racer and the Pure, have just been revealed at Intermot.

The basis of these two models is similar with that of the Scrambler. They are more simplistic that the original R nineT. Particularly the Pure, in its stripped back modernist design. They share the same steel fuel tank as the Scrambler (the original nineT's was hand-crafted aluminium). Both models have Euro 4 spec air/oil cooled boxer engines with a capacity of 1170cc and an output of 110hp. Both have 6-speed transmission. ABS is standard, but traction control is a factory-fit option.

While the R nineT had wire-spoke wheels, the Scrambler, Racer and Pure have five-spoke light alloy cast wheels. Though having wire-spoke instead is an option.

BMW R nineT Pure
They have stainless steel single-muffler exhausts which hang on the left - polished in the Racer and brushed in the Pure. Also like the Scrambler, they have simpler suspension, with conventional rather than the USD forks that the original had. The simplicity of the builds is slightly reflected in their price.

The Pure – classic yet modern, simple yet stylish - is beautiful. Fitted with a grey fuel tank and mudguard, and finished in black. Its recommended retail price is EUR 12,300.00, roughly £11,000.

BMW R nineT Racer
The Racer is retro, sporty, sexy, and it seems to be appealing to many, judging by the comments we've seen. It's complete with a half fairing in a practical, simplistic build. A 70s inspired bike, but for the modern day rider.  Its recommended retail price is EUR 13,300.00, roughly £11,900.

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14/10/16 - I will be buying the racer, but they all need spoked wheels!!!!!

14/10/16 - fugly, spokes wheels might save the day

          14/10/16 - According to BMW spoked wheels is an option...

          16/10/16 - it needs to be

14/10/16 - Hope these were more comfortable than the r9t I rode. That was an instrument of torture.

14/10/16 - Nice.

14/10/16 - very nice bike but not my bag i;m afraid i ride a bmw but mines a tourer that what bmw do the best in the world

          15/10/16 - Errrr What about the S1000R Sports Bike ??? Seems to do OK in the race world

15/10/16 - trying to replicate the old boxers appearance, just buy an old boxer and save 15grand, and no service costs and build it how you like. non starter for me

15/10/16 - Nice retro look.

15/10/16 - Takes the fun out of building your own cafe racer but I suppose that the rich boys will love it they don't mind paying twice as much for half the equipment you get on a standard bike

15/10/16 - id ride it over the gap

16/10/16 - Probably be bought by people with more money than sense but looks good

16/10/16 - I like it. Nice and simple with clean lines

16/10/16 - Nice but took all the toys off it

16/10/16 - I wonder how we could be more negative , let's see now , er well ,first of all ,wheels are c**p , too expensive , its white , it's a BMW , could build my own , running gears cheap ,erm any more I'm sure you'll think off something ,all bikes are different go find the one that suits you , rubber side down folk

Posted by Daisy Cordell
for Wemoto News on 13 October 2016 in General News



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