It's great to hear news of so many British motorcycle companies releasing new bikes and positive sales figures. Take Bolton-based CCM Motorcycles, for example. Not only has the company reported a 150% sales growth in 2016 following the excellent sales of its GP 450, CCM has revealed another new bike, the Spitfire, at the London Motorcycle Show.

The bike is the first creation of CCM's Skunkwerx department. A product of new developments, but it's got old roots too. The new team enlisted the help of Ten Unwin, one of CCM's original members from way back in the 70s.

The result is this liquid-cooled 600cc single-cylinder cafe-racer style flat tracker. The engine of which is housed in a hand-welded British T45 carbon-steel frame. The bike is said to reach 55hp and 43lb/ft torque. It will have a fully adjustable monoshock, adjustable WP USD fork, and Brembo braking.

Just 150 of them will be made and they're set to go on sale in April 2017, with prices starting at £7,995.

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16/02/17 - Looking forward to seeing that tomorrow

16/02/17 - Not to sure about this?

16/02/17 - Is that a Husqvarna engine? Looks very light, could be fun

17/02/17 - Nice I want one..

17/02/17 - Does optional extras include a finished bike package?

17/02/17 - Brilliant, good news for Brit bikes. Send one to me for free and I will gladly test it .

17/02/17 - Can't say the style of it grabs my attention

17/02/17 - Love this

17/02/17 - I think a street scramble version of this bike with nobbley tyres and wide braced bares and a tuck n roll leather seat would be great! Very on trend too

17/02/17 - pillion seat looks fun..........

17/02/17 - Looks cr*p how small is that tamk 30 mile range

17/02/17 - Classic CCM business practice. Release a hipster bike just as the hipster fad ends.

          19/02/17 - Is it? Rampant still down this way..

          19/02/17 - It's days are numbered.

          19/02/17 - you could call it having the last say. ccm are timeless to be fair.

          19/02/17 - Don't say it too loud as I went and saw it today...They had sold 120 of the 150 to be made by 12.00am this morning....Amazing success for a nice gang at the bike show...

18/02/17 - Nice, but you're going to get a wet back in the rain

18/02/17 - Not sure about curvy swinging arm , function/ form ?

18/02/17 - Ohhhh!

18/02/17 - Could be fun to ride but styling is off in my eyes

18/02/17 - It looks half finished.....

18/02/17 - Great news !

18/02/17 - Nope

18/02/17 - What's the seat height?

          18/02/17 - It's 830mm

18/02/17 - How the hell do you put your panniers, tent, S Bag etc. on this?

          18/02/17 - Buy a car...

18/02/17 - Ccm! Big single cylinder! Good fun!!

19/02/17 - I think that you just have to accept it's a form over function bike, it's rather small tank means your not doing long distances. Not built to be carrying kit. Single seat means , no excuses needed for going out on your own. I like the look . 8k not to bad a price bracket providing it's not plus the dreaded vat.

19/02/17 - Stupidly high price tag too no doubt!

          19/02/17 - Less than 8 grand....It is even better in the flesh...

07/03/17 - Looks cool for a city/ run around machine. no good for long haul across the continent but would love to add one to my collection

Posted by Daisy Cordell
for Wemoto News on 16 February 2017 in General News



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