Do you engage in a trade that requires the lugging of tools and materials around? Are you involved in a delivery business that requires more than a top box and bungeed packages on a solo, but doesn't require van capacity? If your answer to either of those was yes, Watsonian Squire, the long-established sidecar builders, might have just the tool for you.

The company has developed and introduced the 'Mule', a 300-litre capacity haulage sidecar - that's a lot of pizzas or Just Eat deliveries.

It's a big beast measuring 1,370mm x 480mm x 480mm. Made from galvanised steel and powder coated, it has a 10” sidecar wheel with a spare on the back and is secured with a dual locking mechanism. There's enough cable to hook up the lights and indicators to an existing 12-volt wiring loom. No weight is given in the current spec.

A useful practical tool for trades people for sure, and they also suggest a use for fishing and camping. But it's not the most aesthetically pleasing piece of kit. They are built to order for £2995.  The factory will fit one to your existing bike if price quoted for this service.

It's a real throwback to the time when sidecars were in common use for all kinds of work-related tasks, including window cleaners who strapped on their ladders. Will enough people be attracted to this? I can see it as a good 'gimmick' that would attract attention for a trade or service in cities such as London, Brighton, Bristol etc.

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05/04/17 - Good for disposing of bodies, just saying like !

05/04/17 - Old school. Only still need a licence for a engine powered Steed/Workhorse/transport

05/04/17 - Rob You selling beer and ice cream from a pink and white one next years TT. or with luminous chevrons and carrying a token bale of straw on the course if required... blue light on the helmet I think?

          05/04/17 - George Formby rides again

05/04/17 - Yes remindsvme of local ice cream man, as a kid.

05/04/17 - Just the job for a bit of mobile blacksmithing. Should I hook the anvil on the front or the back?

05/04/17 - Good bike for poodling about If your not in a rush

05/04/17 - I *might* get all that I lug arround for a weekend in one of those

05/04/17 - could be a good machine for the yard?

          06/04/17 - Not on your life lol

06/04/17 - Have you tried this? It will be interesting to see you getting your shoulder into the gravel riding this sidecar, have a word with your mates at WS

06/04/17 - saves carrying stock on the back of your bike

06/04/17 - you'd get quite a big layout in that box

06/04/17 - Yes please

06/04/17 - No not me.

06/04/17 - Ideal for Bert n hare,as it's a mobile coffin

07/04/17 - Next white van in London?

07/04/17 - looks handy for camping trips also

08/04/17 - If the back panel dropped down to make a ramp, i could get my mower in....?

Posted by John Newman
for Wemoto News on 05 April 2017 in General News

Edited By: Daisy Cordell



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