It can be frustrating if you have limited holiday time in the year. You want to head to some (almost) guaranteed warm weather and the magnificent roads that can be found in southern France, Spain, and the mountain ranges in those countries. But it's a long haul whatever route you decide to take. Add in the cost of ferries, fuel, and toll charges if you want to take the most direct route. Factor in an overnight stop or two and the Euro total will mount up and might even persuade you to take a chance on the UK weather lottery.

Bikeshuttle, the bike and kit transportation service that has been operating between UK and Geneva, has now introduced a new service to Toulouse. Which means you can take advantage of the EasyJet service that flies there (from Luton), and your bike and kit will be waiting.

They are organising five runs to this destination this year. The return cost for your bike and kit/luggage will be £595. Or if you're claiming political asylum because of Brexit and only want to go one way, it's £400.

If you think this service might be for you, check it out at


07/04/17 - Tempting... Prob the only way I could take that heat is on the bike with a breeze blowing through!

07/04/17 - Would take longer and cost more using a service like this. Plus it's part of the tour to ride there. The tunnel is the cheapest crossing and most toll motorways in France can be avoided, but are not that expensive if you avoid Paris.

07/04/17 - It means a f**k of a lot of money and a missed ride on great roads Stuart! You can ride the most wonderful roads from Versailles to Toulouse. Calais to Toulouse is 2 days riding, £200 max in petrol, £120 for 2 nights in hotels.  Save almost £300 and have 4 days of riding great roads through open countryside picturesque villages.

07/04/17 - Lets see........Flight to Toulouse from Stanstead £60 return + £595 bike transport = £655. Versus £70 chunnel return and £120 for fuel = £190 (@50mpg). Even if you wish to split the journey through France and throw in a hotel, it's still cheaper, more fun and quicker. Artic truck is restricted to 56mph and time on the road.

          09/04/17 - Hi, all you say is very valid, so not dissing your post at all yeah...

I'm a northerner & ride a fair few miles over a season with my club & solo..

I used the Bikeshuttle service last summer.. My tour was planned from Edinburgh to Northampton- ( Bikeshuttle) to Geneva, then it was all the usual passes in Switzerland, northern Italy, Dolomites, Austria & through Slovakia to Poland for a good friends wedding over a period of three weeks... obviously rode back through Chezc, Austria, then back to Geneva....picking up the bike in Northampton to head through wales.., Yorkshire & up through the Scottish Borders to Edinburgh.... I may hear you think 'so what'... at this point...

I used the service not because it made financial sense, although it did for me.

You could add another couple of days each way onto the calculations you made so in my reckoning I saved 6 days ( 3 to Geneva & 3 back) riding on mostly motorway to crunch the miles i needed.

Now I like all of us have, do & would just tuck in the elbows & do the long rides needed for as you say or someone did, it's part of the tour..

I had a new convert to biking on the back- well 18 year partner - with a disability who never really rode any longer than an hour or so from base... I cajoled her into this tour with all the usual comforts... hotels, no tents, plenty time off the bike ( that was a flagrant lie- oops)... actually was 9-12 hour days in the saddle--

Gel seat - back rest, geez , all the comforts 😉... but I know there wasn't a cats hell of a chance that she wouldn't be broken by the long motorway stretches & so by the time we got to the Swiss Alps, her first ( mammoth tour) would have ended...

As it was it was a hoot, yes long days, but my tyres were equally scrubbed across their profile daily.. so much so I never rode a motorway or toll road until after I left Poland... I am still with her today, & she has stated to other club members she wants to do it again..

So I'm ending my long post, I'd like to say, the Shuttle has its uses, for those farther away from the ferries & tunnels , for those that have a shed load of miles, for those that don't get much time off to travel to some of the amazing roads in Europe ( there are great roads to Toulouse from Calies , I know)... For disabled bikers, for many a different scenario... including those with custom or classic or vintage bikes that folk don't want to clock up shed loads of miles on, & wanna ride some of the places I have mentioned ..

The guys at Bikeshuttle, look after your bike, gear & you... & waking up & looking out yer hotel window to find your bike sitting waiting is a joy...

I would use it again, especially now the Toulouse destination has been added.. for my Santander - Galician, Andalusian, ancient Catalan extravaganza... shipped back from Toulouse.. have a grand riding season sir....

          09/04/17 - My comment was more aimed at their marketing, which is based on a journey from Luton to Toulouse. Their article was based on saving time and cost. I looked at it and thought that simply isn't true. I am in Ayrshire and rode down to Treinac, not too far from Toulouse. Didn't cost anything near this company's cost. I understand their service might be useful and attract some riders who only wish to ride around their destination, but to market it this way is wrong. Claiming they are cheaper than riding. Thank you for your reply. Have fun out there.

          11/04/17 - please tell me how to get a Chunnel return for only £70. I imagine it requires booking some time well in advance – it costs more than that one way if you just turn up!

          11/04/17 - Not sure if this link will work, but I chose random dates in advance, as you say and it came back as £34 each way.

Posted by John Newman
for Wemoto News on 07 April 2017 in General News

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