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There're a few possible reasons why the DT 125 is one of the most searched-for models on our website. When it was released in 1974, it quickly became a popular bike for new riders, and it is still today, some forty years later.

The DT 125 is known to its owners as a pleasure to ride. It also has a wide-appeal factor. Road-legal trail bikes are a good choice for learners and commuters as well as new riders because they are robust. It's cheap, easy to handle, lightweight, and isn't going to cause too much upset if it gets damaged.

Though, one of the most obvious reasons we sell a lot of bits for it could also be that the two-stroke machine is notorious for requiring maintenance. This kind of bike is best suited to those who are somewhat familiar with such work.

As far as models go, there have been many variations since it first launched as the DT 125A in 1974. The single-cylinder two-stroke machine was air-cooled, had a wet clutch and conventional-telescopic front forks. It featured dual-shock swingarm rear suspension as well as drum front and rear brakes.  

The DT 125E, first released in 1978, offered a more compact version to the public, which featured a “monocross” single rear shock. The 1977-1978 DT 125 changed over to a dry clutch. But it was back to wet again for Yamaha’s DT 125 MX. Based on the YZ motocross and released between 1980-1981, the DT 125 MX also featured front and rear light spring hydraulic dampers.

1983 saw the release of the first liquid-cooled DT 125. While extremely popular in its time, very few of the original DT 125 LCs are around today.

In 1985, the front brake changed to a disc. But it’s the DT 125 R, first released in 1988, which laid the grounds for the DT 125 that remains the most popular. Complete with an air-cooled engine, six-speed gearbox, wet clutch, telescopic front fork, monocross rear suspension, and front and rear disc brakes.  

2004 saw the release of the DT 125 RE (E due to it having electric start) and the DT 125X, a supermoto version.

Production finally ended in 2008, though the bikes live on in many a garage and on many a road throughout the world.


11/07/19:I currently have a mk3 ypvs dt125lc love riding it takes me back to my youth always wanted one back in the day but had to settle for a Suzuki TS 100 which was still a great bike.

30/05/19: Loved mine 37 years ago A464RGJ bought it new. My first bike after mopeds

29/05/19: My first DT was an 86, bought it for £100 in peices and rebuilt it. Cracking bikes.

29/05/19: Ahhhhh I always miss mine from. When I was 17

29/05/19: I wanted one but ended up with an RD as a dealer was clearing stock. A couple of friends had them, fun bikes.

Posted by Daisy Cordell
for Wemoto News on 29 May 2019 in Features



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