Look back at the models featured in our Bike of the Week series throughout the years and you'll see they share something in common: they are, for the most part, no-frills, practical workhorses. It's not about turning heads, but tugging hearts. Time and time again it's proven that unpretentiousness stands the test of time. The Yamaha XT 600 is one of those models, bringing back fond memories for those who've ridden or own one.

Built between 1984-2003, the XT 600 was the most popular Enduro of its time. Complete with a four-valve air-cooled very simple but reliable engine, soft suspension and dirt track tyres, it is, at its core, an off-road machine. Not one of the best, but still fun to ride and durable. It also performs pretty well on the road, making it a good all-rounder.

They’re easy to maintain and seem to suffer from very few mechanical problems, withstanding a lot of abuse. Many different variants have been released, but they've largely remained the same: stylish as a pair of slippers, tough as old boots.

The original XT 600 came one year after the release of the XT600Z Ténéré. It added to the already developed range of XT models, which included the XT 500, XT 550, XT 250, and XT 400. It was a significant improvement over the XT 500 model, with disc brakes and 12-volt electrics, but was more compact than the Ténéré, with an 11.5-litre engine over the Ténéré’s 28-litres.

The most notable update came in 1990 with the release of the XT 600 E. A more modern design, complete with a tachometer, a 13.9-litre fuel tank and an electric starter. In keeping with the previous model's reputation as being straightforward and reliable. Yamaha went on to also release the XT 600 K, which was pretty much identical to the E model, but which featured a kick starter, as the original XT 600s.

The bike was eventually replaced by XT 660 models and inspired a line of larger cc models, such as the XT 1200 Z. But not before it managed to cement a place in the hearts of riders. It is still a popular choice with motorcycles today. Those looking to buy a model will find a plethora of reassuring stories and reviews online from the vast number of previous owners.

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Posted by Daisy Cordell
for Wemoto News on 09 September 2019 in Features



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