Just in case you were unhappy with the advance of technology, gadgets on your motorcycle,  electric motorcycles – well this just about trumps all that – the world's first flying recreational motorcycle.

Developed by Jetpack Aviation, it is called the SpeederTM and is already available to pre order.

Its USP is that it is just like riding a motorcycle - only in the sky - not just confined to the single dimension of two wheels on the road. It is fully stabilised and turbine powered with vertical take off and landing (VTOL) like a jump jet or a helicopter. So it should be really easy to land and take off in a space the same size as a small car parking space and, once airborne it can reach speeds of up to 150 mph. Its top flight height is 15,000ft but it is unlikely to be required to do this very often by your average rider (or pilot?) – might get chilly! This flying bike was originally designed for military use but the SpeederTM version is purely for the recreational market, oh and there is a fully autonomous version.

Two versions of the machine are now planned, the Ultralight Version and the Experimental Category Version:
  • The Ultralight (UVS) will not need the rider to have a pilot's licence and the new owner will just be trained by JPA or an authorized training centre. This ultralight version will be limited to a speed of 60mh and only carry 5 gallons of fuel.
  • The Experimental Version (EVS) will need the rider to have a private pilot's licence and will have no fuel or speed restrictions.

Here are the specs for this futuristic machine:
Empty Weight: 231 lbs
Max Thrust (ISA)*: 705 lbs
Max speed: > 150 mph
Endurance**: 10 - 22 min
Fuel: Kerosene/JetA/diesel
Operating Ceiling: 15,000 ft
Piloted/Fully autonomous: Piloted

*Maximum thrust can vary depending on density altitude
**Endurance is dependent on pilot weight and density altitude

High Flyers!
So how do you feel about this latest machine to wander into our skies? Will you be rushing out to get one, its not exactly green but is truly the stuff of science fiction. How is it going to be regulated? Are we going to walk out of our front doors to be bonked on the head by flyboy passing on the way to work! Who knows - the future is here! Fancy a go on one or are you horrified? Drop us a line at or tell us on Facebook – we really want to know how you feel about this one – it's off the wall, off the chart and straight out of left field and other similar cliches!

Posted by Lucy England
for Wemoto News on 22 December 2020 in Technology


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