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Sadly but increasingly, motorcycles and scooters seem to be being targetted by unscrupulous gangs stealing them to cash in on their rising popularity. Once something is in demand, some criminals will get it into the frame and make it their business to try to steal it – the very same thing has happened with dogs, as the demand for them has been at record levels during the pandemic! Dogs are being snatched from gardens and even when out walking if the owner is not vigilant and bikes are being nicked off the streets ready for resale or shipping abroad where they can't be traced.

In many areas the police are trying to foil this and are taking measures to combat it with dedicated patrols, collecting and analysing theft data, engaging with motorcycle clubs and riders and trying to identify the offenders. But whatever measures are in place, it is always a good idea to do what you can personally to keep your machine as safe as possible.

Work on two wheels
Many people are dependent on their motorcycle or scooter to commute or to use for work, so having it stolen can be a very serious matter which can affect their livelihood, as well as being extremely upsetting.

There are a few things you can do to make your machine a bit less of a target. They may seem simple but are definitely worth adopting as they might make the thief not bother with your bike.

  • Add security devices to your bike – a good lock for starters – this could help your insurance premium too. It takes a matter of minutes to lift an unlocked bike into a van, but if it is secured to something it will take longer to cut the chains/locks so may put opportunist thieves off. Heavy duty hardened chains and ground anchors are a good deterrent. Try to put the chain round the actual frame of the bike if possible not just the wheel – the wheel may be sacrificed if the thief wants the bike enough. If you are out and need to chain your bike up away from home, look for an immovable object to chain it to like a bike rail or lamppost  and try to make sure that the chain is off the ground so that the hard surface can't be used for leverage.

  • Use your bike's steering lock as your first line of defence. They can be broken quickly it's true but they are one more thing they have to get through before taking your bike. It also means that your bike can't be manoeuvred out of sight easily if the lock is on.

  • Consider having an alarm/immobiliser fitted to your bike, check out the reviews to find a good one, this could make the difference and keep your bike safe.

  • A tracker is a great addition, as even if it won't prevent the theft in the first place, your bike can hopefully be found if it is stolen.

  • Try to leave your bike in a busy location with lots of people around as a current of people passing will deter a thief as they are more likely to be spotted up to their nefarious business and questioned or reported.

  • Park your bike near good street lighting so it is visible and any untoward attention will be noticed.

  • Park near shops which have CCTV and plenty of shoppers around.

  • Park near CCTV cameras in town so that your bike is being watched, it will put thieves off if they know they are on camera.

  • Invest in a bike cover to put over your motorcycle or scooter, it is less likely to become a target if it is not clear what it is. A valuable bike, if spotted by a gang doing a recce, is likely to become a target, but an anonymous machine under a cover may not be so desirable. Sadly thieves can have an 'order' list of machine to rob for buyers and if your bike is on the list and open to view, it is much more desirable. With this in mind keep our eye on the street and try to notice anyone unusual and suspicious around so that you know to be extra vigilant.

  • If you are lucky and have a garage to keep your bike in then always put it away out of sight. It is also worth adding some extra security to your garage to deter would-be thieves.

Have you been unlucky enough to suffer from bike theft? Do you have any tips or patent methods of protecting your motorcycle? If so we'd love to hear them as they might save someone else a world of pain if they get their bike nicked. Let us know at or drop us a message on Facebook.

Posted by Lucy England
for Wemoto News on 06 July 2021 in General News



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