So back in June after a few years of driving, Mike headed back to the test centre and effortlessly passed his CBT! We wondered how he got on afterwards and how his return to two wheels panned out. We caught up with him this week for a follow up on his two wheeled progress…

Q: So what Scooter did you go for in the end and how did you choose one?
A: Well, I did some research online and looked at a Peugeot Liberty first - I liked the big wheels but after reading the reviews, settled on a Honda Vision. It seemed to be a bike which was fast but not too fast, great in town and excellent value. Sadly I wasn’t allowed to test ride any bikes due to covid, so I decided that I would have to take a punt.  I have to say that the service was pretty terrible in the bike shops I went to in Brighton so I had to look a bit further afield.

Q: Where did you go to buy your bike in the end?
A: After some internet searching, I happened upon JS Gedge in Pevensey Bay, a dealership established in 1897 by John Surtees Gedge – a name you may have heard of! It is in fact owned by John Surtees’ grandson. They were really good and accommodating from the get go; Neil the salesman who helped me was well informed, helpful and friendly, answered all my questions and gave me all the information I needed. After the decision was made, the next hurdle was actually getting the bike. It proved quite hard to actually get my hands on the scooter I wanted, as there were troubles with imports due to covid and high demand. I opted for a white one, but the original one I was after had been sold. The next one on its way in was red so I plumped for that one. After a three week wait it arrived. I was delighted with the colour and was happy that my original choice had been out of stock! I picked up a good helmet, gloves, locks, essentials from the bike shop while I was at it and was ready to go.

Q: How did you feel when you collected it and set off to ride home for the first time?
A: I felt nervously excited as I went to meet my new scooter, but as soon as I hopped onto it I realised how beautifully balanced and easy to ride it was. After just a few minutes my confidence began to grow and I started to really enjoy myself as I rode along the south coast.

Q: How much or little have you actually used your new scooter since you bought it?
A: I’ve used it a lot – most days weather permitting. Covered about 1,500 miles in and out of town, going to play tennis and travelling to work. I use it pretty much whenever I can if have a solo trip, unless rain and gales are in the forecast.

Q: Is it economical compared to your usual car journeys and how does it do around town?
A: Its fuel economy is really great, I’m saving around £80 a month on getting around compared to my car. It is also a different planet on traffic jams – I can wiggle through traffic and use the bus lanes where I live so it saves a world of frustration as I sail past the lines of cars. Parking is also super easy on the scooter and much better than trying to get around and park in a car. The smart key makes it even easier, I just keep it in my pocket and it locks up and unlocks the bike and the helmet locker effortlessly.

Q: Are you worried about security and what measures have you taken to keep your bike safe?
A: I always chain my scooter up to a handrail at night (he’s called Brian by the way) and cover it up to make it less of a target for opportunist gangs who might be passing. I don’t live in a very high crime area luckily, so I am not unduly worried as long as I take sensible precautions.

Q: How is winter looking? Are you planning to ride on through or park your Honda Vision up when the bad weather hits?
A: I live on the coast so it can get really windy and wet, but I am planning to upgrade my clothing and just carry on riding for as many days as I can this winter.

Q: So on balance, was it a good decision to get a scooter and do you think you chose the right one?
A: Yes, a totally great decision and I think I have chosen the perfect scooter for me. It has made a huge difference to my life. A friend who had never even ridden a bike before also went through his CBT around the same time as me and then went on to do his bike test. He now rides everywhere (on a motorcycle not a scooter) and we where chatting the other day and said that it has made a huge difference to our lives. Being on two wheels has put the fun and enjoyment back into travelling and been 100% positive experience for us both.

Well that’s great to hear. What a delight that Mike is so happy with his scooter, Brian! Have you gone over to two wheels recently or if you have been riding for some time do you remember how you felt when you first rode a bike? Was it a revelation? Also does your bike have a name and if so what is it?
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Posted by Lucy England
for Wemoto News on 27 September 2021 in General News



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