It’s that time again, those bikes are raring to go and pushing at those shed and garage doors, wagging their tails, wanting to be back out on the road. If you are a relatively new motorcyclist here is a quick checklist of things to do before you venture forth on those faithful two wheels once again, to make sure that the trusty steed is Spring-ready. If you are an experienced rider then you will have a mental checklist which you do without even thinking!

Take a Brake

Firstly have a look at the brake pads to make sure that they are not worn out from last year. If they look worn then replace them before you go out riding. Slip your hand along the brake lines as well while you are thinking brakes, to make sure that there are no cracks which could leak. Also check that the brake fluid reservoir is ok and doesn’t need topping up. Test both your brakes separately so that you are confident that they are working.

Tyred out

After you have checked your brakes move on to your tyres. Firstly check the air pressure if your bike has been sitting around all winter air may have leaked out of the tyres and this will make the bike hard to handle. Examine the tyres all over to make sure there are no cracks or fissures and no sharp objects sticking out of them. Check that the tread is still sharply defined and there are no flat spots from the bike sitting in one position all winter.

Don’t assault the battery

Hopefully you will have left your bike on a smart battery charger all winter so that the battery is still in good nick but if not then it may need charging. Put it onto a battery charger to see how it has over-wintered. Check the battery looks in good condition and is not dusty, dirty or corroded, especially on the terminals. Make sure that the cables are connected properly.

Oils well that ends well

Make sure that all the fluids in the bike are looking good and have not discoloured or degraded over the winter. In fact if you can it’s a good idea to change them all at the start of the riding season so that you can be sure that they are all in tip top condition ready for the weeks ahead. Make sure your oil filter is clean and the fuel lines are all in good condition as well, just like the brake cables.

Chain reaction

Make sure that your drive chain is adjusted to the right tension and is clean with no obvious damage and is properly oiled.


Beep your horn to make sure it is nice and loud you might need it out on the road.

And Vision...

Do a check on all of your lights and indicators to make sure that they are all working and don’t need new bulbs. It is essential that they are in great condition as they are a vital safety feature. The head lights make sure that you
can see and be seen in the dark, and your indicators show your direction of travel on the road so that other drivers know what you are about to do. Make sure that the lights are clean as well so that they can do their job.

Control yourself

Check all the control cables for wear and tear, kinks or cracks and test them all to make sure that they are working properly. Move your handle bars to make sure that the steering moves properly and is not seized or snagging on anything.

Safe and sound

Check yourself. You may have seized up after a long winter on the sofa, things may have atrophied, you may have RSI in your TV remote finger, so take it easy on your first few rides to make sure your riding reflexes get back up to scratch after their period of inaction.

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Posted by Lucy England
for Wemoto News on 01 April 2014 in General News



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