Well folks, I'm beginning to feel a little anxious about getting it done in time for the trail/orienteering challenge I am going on in Pallars Sobira (Pyrenees) in late July..

It's still not registered or MOTd, and is currently sitting on a box with no front end... and I still haven't heard it run...This is kind of what it's going to look like- sort of CZ380ish I reckon, or like some rare experimental factory ISDT works developmental bike.. in my mind.

Here one can see the slider block for the chain, which I cut flat on the bandsaw, it was very deeply grooved. Still got enough plastic on it to work though.

New Wemoto chain and sprockets, fitted lovely, no problems, and I chose to have a front sprocket one tooth bigger, these things are always super low geared as standard aren't they? If it's any good when finished I'll be riding it on the road.

You may have noticed the rather home brewed look about the chainguard thingy - that's just a thin pattern for the real item I'm going to fabricate out of 0.9mm duralumin - I wanted to check clearance against the gorgeous new back tyre (another Wemoto bargain). I also used a new tube and rim tape, there's no point skimping while the tyre's off eh?

You can see a shiny spoke in the pic - that's one of the new ones, it also has new Wemoto wheel bearings and dust seals, all fitted perfectly.

I'm really fussy when rebuilding bikes to get all the threads clean and easy, re-tapping and copper grease etc. I know that all fasteners are easily undo-able which prevents me grinding my teeth at night.

Phwoarrr! Well tasty!!! I like a nice engine.

Not sure if the clutch cable is routed correctly. The thin overflow pipes out of the carb will be replaced, I've seen them in the hose box at Wemoto, as the old ones are now as brittle and hard as a baked ginger nut. Gear lever is now straight, it was one of the first to feature a folding tip. I must say you can't beat the old radial finned head for a trick look.

This looks rubbish to me- anyway Wemoto have just started selling nice side pull Tomaselli throttles, so I think I'm going to bung one of those on instead.

Super trick! Afficionados and connoisseurs will dig this – Magnesium brake plate, all Q.D rear end- you push the butterfly and pull out the brake rod, and hang it on a special clip on the swingarm, undo the wheel nut, (built in tommy bar) and pull the wheel out the back. The chain pulls off the sprocket with the wheel pushed forward. I reckon you could do it in under a minute, I'm going to time it when it's up and running. But the major downside is there's no centre stand...oops!

The clip for the brake rod- so thoughtful it's worth a pic on it's own.

The spring is missing from the folding brake lever tip, so I will find something that will work, maybe an elastic band, temporarily.

This is my homemade seat cover in place. I realised halfway through fitting that I should have got something a bit thinner and more stretchy - it was hard to pull tight, and my feeble staple gun didn't really work properly, so I'll have to redo it when I can borrow a decent one. Looks alright though I'd say.

I'm still waiting for a return call from the importer about the NOVA form to register it - 2 weeks now, perhaps they've forgotten? I'll give them another ring. Sigh.

6 weeks to go!

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Posted by Jerry Rulf
for Wemoto News on 11 June 2014 in General News

Edited By: Lucy England



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