That general election result; no one saw that coming, but a mere sideshow of course compared to the burning question of the age. Who will form the new Top Gear presentation team?

I never watched the programme. I'm not interested in cars, and journalistic objectivity prevents me from setting out opinions on the now departed presenting trio. But ever since Guy Martin was in the frame as one of the new crew, my interest was piqued, as I've watched most of the programmes he has made for Channel Four. He's brave, as are all motorcycle road racers, quirky, straight talking and popular all in one package.

Guy Martin at the IOMTT

It's not just the motorcycle media that has been alive with rumours about Martin's involvement. Mainstream media have given the story a good deal of space, and this includes the other two potential co-presenters; Jodie Kidd and Philip Glenister, both of whom are involved in TV car programmes at the moment.

The latest press flurry emanates from a Sunday Express story in which the previous shows co-producer/creator, Andy Willman, was overheard talking to car fan Jay Kay of Jamiroquai fame, stating that this trio had been engaged by the BBC. It has run in the Telegraph, Independent, Auto Week and appeared on Visordown the motorcycle web site.

Guy Martin - a result!

Guy Martin fresh from his recent wins at the Cookstown 100 races in Ireland is committed to riding in the NW200, TT, and Ulster Grand Prix this year for Tyco BMW, but has hinted strongly that he intends to scale back his racing commitments from 2016. Having said that whenever it is put to him that his TV and media career might be about to engage more of his time, he usually pleads that nothing will take him from what he considers to be real work (graft): truck repair, and his various engine and engineering interests.

Dangle a TV contract in front of a racer who is now 36 years old, and it might well pressage a change of direction, and Martin could easily slot in his other interests between series. If it happens it might mean that motorcycles receive a higher profile, and that could bring a new segment of viewers to the programme; me for instance. (Despite Hammond and May being bike fans and owners, Clarksons prejudicial attitude towards motorcycles, and many other things, meant they never I'm told).  

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Posted by John Newman
for Wemoto News on 12 May 2015 in General News

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