A new bike arrived in the Wemoto showroom recently, and we just have to share it with you.

The RC45 is a fully-faired motorcycle, created by HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) – and in production between 1994 to 1999 – as a race-oriented machine, specifically for use in the FIM World Superbike Championship.

It is both a rarity (only 200 were produced in the five year period) and masterpiece, and we're incredibly lucky to have one. Here are some more details about the bike:

High Expectations
It was created as a redesign of Honda's RC30, which was also used in racing but, at six years old, was beginning to show its age. Honda's RC30 had already established itself as one of the greatest racing bikes of all time, so the RC45 had high expectations to live up to.

The RC30 and the RC45 looked similar – both had twin spar alloy frames, both were painted in white, red, blue and black. Both had four-stroke, V-four engines... but Honda had made some improvements to its newest model, to increase its competitiveness in racing.

What the RC45 benefitted from was improved throttle response, with PGM-FI Programmed Fuel Injection induction. Its reduced bore and stroke (from 70 x 48.6 mm in the RC30 to 72 x 46 mm in the RC45) allowed for higher engine revolutions, while maintaining equal piston speeds. It was faster. It had better brakes and suspension. It handled impressively and was comfortable to ride. It was expensive, at £18,000 in 1994, but, with only limited numbers in production, people queued up to buy it.

The Superbike of the 90s
The RC45 had a number of successes in the racing world:

1995:     US AMA Superbike Championship
              FIM Endurance World Championship

1996:     Daytona 200

1997:     FIM World Superbike Championship

1998:     AMA Superbike Championship
              FIM Endurance World Championship
              Macau Grand Prix

The RC45 was replaced in 2000 by Honda's latest model, the RC 51, but it was arguably the superbike of the 90s. An endangered species, very few are around today, but you can come see one of them in all its glory at Wemoto's showroom in Southwick (near Brighton), West Sussex.

Make/Model:              Honda RVF 750 RC45

Years Produced:       1994 – 1999

Amount Produced:    200 worldwide

Max Power:                 120 bhp

Max Torque:                55 ft-lb

Top Speed:                160 mph

Tank Range:               110 miles

Engine:                         749cc, Four stroke V-four cylinder, DOHC

Bore & Stroke:           72 x 46mm

Compression Ratio:  11.5:1

Induction::                    PGM-FI Programmed Fuel Injection

Ignition:                        Digital transistorized electric advance

Fuel Capacity:             18 litres

Front Brake:                Twin 310mm discs

Rear Brake:                 220mm disc

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04/03/16           When can I have a go?

          04/03/16           Saw it in the shop yesterday, an absolute gem, my turn after!!

04/03/16           Oh. my. god. It's God's own motorcycle. Not only the perfect bike, but the perfect aesthetic too. Prepare to kneel down in homage.

04/03/16          I've got a VFR 800, but that's something else.

         04/03/16            It's an RC 46

04/03/16         Boom

05/03/16          Its been one of my dream bikes since I was a kid. Got to have a quick blast on one last year. Not gonna lie I was a bit disappointed! Not crushed like after riding the utter shite that was the Z1, but after riding a modern R1 it was a bit crap. Never ride your dream bikes!

05/03/16         Sold mine years back but still have a mate that has one so maybe one day I'll make him a offer. Would look awesome in the living room

         05/03/16         Thought the Panigale was going in the living room!

                    05/03/16       In winter time,the RC45 would be all year round xxxxxxx    

05/03/16          What an iconic machine RC 45. Rvf 750. You're right, if god rode bikes it would be this!

05/03/16         Great machine, the Japanese know how to build.

05/03/16        About time they made a modern equivalent..

05/03/16         Beautiful, I'd love one.

05/03/16          Gissa go !

05/03/16        Looks like my RVF400!!

05/03/16         Not fair

05/03/16         Best bike I ever owed bit silly though I was only 24. Wish I still had one. Just so fast on the bends.

06/03/16         Out of the jap bikes Honda are the best by a mile

          07/03/16         Sorry, can't agree with that - as good as Honda are - ALL 4 Japanese bike manufacturers make superb, reliable, quality, fast & fun motorcycle's. We have been spoilt by how good they actually are. They decimated the pathetic British motorcycle industry with superior designs, quality engineering, high performance & reliability. Honda made some great models, but they usually cost more too, so the choice was yours. Great machines, especially the RC45 (but £18,000 new in the mid 1990's).

                 07/03/16         I've always had Honda, think it's more of a personal thing

06/03/16          Had one of them brilliant bike wish I still had it

06/03/16          One of the best looking bikes ever !!!

06/03/16          That engine sound though..hard to beat

06/03/16          Hrc has no comparison, don't think God himself comes close!

06/03/16          I wish I had that instead of my RC51

06/03/16          Gorgeous! I've already been in and had a perv over her, lovely machine

06/03/16        VERY GOOD INTELEGENT CHOICE. Stunning bits of Engineering. Even / Especially in today's over technical world.

06/03/16         I love it! I want a go on it for CMM

06/03/16         A joey special road racer

07/03/16         Lovely bit of kit!

07/03/16         Rc30,45 was crude in comparison.

07/03/16         A joey speciel..

06/04/16        Thanks for the supplies. I love RVFs, this is mine:

Posted by Daisy Cordell
for Wemoto News on 04 March 2016 in Company News



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