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Jurby T-shirts - where the money goes
The work of the Manx Grand Prix Supporters' Club
We've been raising money for the Manx Grand Prix Supporters' Club for three years now, through the sale of our annual Festival of Jurby T-shirts.

The club uses the money to fund its life-saving helicopter ambulance, which is on hand to attend to emergencies on practice and race days during the Manx Grand Prix. It also supports injured riders and their families in the weeks/months after a crash. A fantastic example of this is Royce Rowe from Adelaide, Australia, who crashed his 675cc Triumph at Union Mills, competing in this year's Manx Grand Prix, and is now being financially supported by the MGPSC.

Thanks to the club, Royce was airlifted to Liverpool, where he underwent a seven-hour operation on serious leg injuries, including a broken right femur, left tibia, and both knees. This was followed by a four-hour operation to repair damage to this right wrist, including broken radius and ulna.

Royce, age 23, has been competing in the MGP since 2015. He finished in a highly creditable 6th in last year's Blue Riband Senior Race. Coming all the way from Australia to race on the Isle of Man clearly requires a huge commitment, both financially and logistically. Bear in mind that the Manx Grand Prix is for amateur riders and that there is no money on offer.

Royce's entourage numbered ten individuals, including mechanics and friends and, most importantly, his mum, who stayed behind to take care of her son whilst he recovered to the point he was able to cope with the long journey home.

Many people and organisations have assisted Royce over the weeks since his crash, including the Joey Dunlop Foundation and the Isle of Man hyperbaric chamber. And this is just one example of where the income from the sale of the Festival of Jurby T-shirts goes.

The good news is Royce was finally set to return home last week.


22/11/17 - Never had the chance to visit the man but I'm happy to have helped even in a small way

Last Edited: 2017 November 22

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