Terms and Conditions

Price are inclusive of 20% VAT. Taxes will be removed at the check out where applicable.

Wemoto Franchises
Wemoto Ltd has franchises in Spain, France, Italy, Australia, and the Czech Republic. Under contract with these franchises, they are to have exclusive rights to sell retail under the Wemoto brand within each of their countries as well as to the following surrounding countries, islands, territories, departments and regions:

Australia, including New Zealand.
Czech Republic, including Slovakia.
Spain, including Canary and Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.
France, including Monaco and The French Overseas Departments and Territories.
Italy, including the Vatican City and San Marino.
All orders placed in these countries, islands, territories, departments and regions, including those placed on wemoto.com, will be handled by the appropriate franchise and subject to the taxes/charges which apply to the country of each franchise.

Non Stock Items
When an item is unavailable we will contact you with a realistic estimated time of delivery, and give you the option of cancellation and refund.

Order Status
You can check the current status of your order at any time. We welcome your feedback and during working hours endeavor to answer enquiries within one hour.

Credit/Charge Card Details
We operate a secure encrypted site where necessary, all Internet transactions are handled by HSBC Bank ePDQ system or PayPal, we do not store nor have access to your card information.

Bike Selection
Parts on our website are supplied assuming original European bike specification except where explicitly stated otherwise. If your bike has any alterations we cannot be held responsible for errors.

All goods are supplied with the understanding that they will be fitted by a qualified experienced person equipped with relevent tools and test equipment necessary to facilitate fitment and confirmation of correct operation.

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