6003 2RS DDU Bearing 17x35x10mm

The picture below shows a 6003 2RS DDU Bearing 17x35x10mm. Thousands of other top quality spares listed on our website at refreshingly low prices.

6003 2RS DDU Bearing 17x35x10mm
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DID VX X-Ring Chain

DID's VX Chain uses patented X-ring seals. Like O-rings, X-rings function to seal in lubrication and keep dirt out.

Where the cross section of an O-ring is circular, the cross section of an X-ring is 'X' or cross shaped. This gives the seal additional contact points compared to the O ring, offering superior sealing and protection against dirt and grit getting stuck under the seal.
In addition, when under pressure an O-ring becomes squashed and causes friction. An X-ring, when under pressure, diverts this pressure by twisting instead, so an X-ring decreases friction between side plates and reduces power loss by 50% of any other type O-ring chain.

DID's X-rings have 40% greater wear resistance than an O-ring chain and 32 times that of a DID standard chain; this means more resistance to stretching, bowing and warping and smoother handling. With the proper maintenance an X-ring chain will last longer than any O-ring or unsealed chain.

Pin Length Roller Diameter Plate Thickness Weight Tensile Strength Colour
20.20 10.22mm 2.0mm 1.54kg/100 links 35.8KN Gold and Black

Sealed chains require lubrication every 500km (300 miles) in order to prevent surface rust and ensure performance.

For more information about transmission chains, take a look at our Chain Maintenance Guide or our Chain Dimensions Guide

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6003 2RS DDU Bearing 17x35x10mm
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