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10 Litre engine Oil Drain Pan
£ 15.11  
2Ltr Pressure Sprayer
£ 6.36 Information Part Information
Powerful pump action and pressure relief valve. Shatterproof and frost-resistant. Includes variable jet brass nozzle for precise application of insecticides etc. Also suitable for use with household chemicals. Colours may vary.
8 Ltr Oil Drain Pan
£ 7.55  
Ball Joint Splitter (Separator)
£ 4.75 Information Part Information
Separates ball joint from steering knuckles. Corrosion-resistant plated finish. 70mm deep capacity. Forged Unit with Knurled shaft to ensure firm grip.
Non Stock Item Ordered On Request Only
Bearing Packer
£ 62.99 Information Part Information
Compact unit which connects to a grease gun (not supplied) and injects grease into bearing units, completing the job quickly and cleanly. Suitable for bearing diameters 50-95mm. Complete with dust cover for clean storage after use.
Bearing Tool L17/E15
£ 40.84  
Exhaust Tail Pipe Expander Tool
£ 30.23 Information Part Information
Exhaust Tail Pipe Expander Tool, can also be used to expand other types of pipe.
Exhaust Wrap Tape 1inch x 50ft With 4 Stainless Steel Cable Ties
£ 40.31 Information Part Information
Exhaust and Header Pipe High-Temperature Tape, Does not require wet fit. Higly durable and thermal shielding, The material is constructed form fibres extruded from pulverised lava rock. The wrap handles direct continuous heat over 700 degrees celsius.
Funnel - Plastic Funnel with Spout 140mm
£ 1.48  
Funnel - Plastic Funnel with Spout 160mm
£ 2.96  
Funnel Set 4pce
£ 1.66  
Generator Extractor - Internal Thread - OE Honda As 07KMC-HE00100 - CBR, NSR125, NSR150
£ 68.99 Information Part Information
Genuine Honda Part
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