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10 Litre engine Oil Drain Pan
£ 15.11  
8 Ltr Oil Drain Pan
£ 7.55  
9 Piece Socket Set 1/4 inch drive Imperial
£ 8.42 Information Part Information
9 sockets from 3/16" to 1/2" on 1/4" drives.
Ball Joint Splitter (Separator)
£ 4.75 Information Part Information
Separates ball joint from steering knuckles. Corrosion-resistant plated finish. 70mm deep capacity. Forged Unit with Knurled shaft to ensure firm grip.
Non Stock Item Ordered On Request Only
Bearing Packer
£ 62.99 Information Part Information
Compact unit which connects to a grease gun (not supplied) and injects grease into bearing units, completing the job quickly and cleanly. Suitable for bearing diameters 50-95mm. Complete with dust cover for clean storage after use.
Bearing Tool L17/E15
£ 40.84  
Brake Caliper Spreader
£ 35.27 Information Part Information
Threaded Tool helping to spread brake caliper open for pad removal and install.
Carbrurettor Pilot Screw Adjusting Tool
£ 20.53 Information Part Information
Designed for those hard to reach air/fuel mixture screws on most multi-cylinder motorcycles. 110 degree angled head , 6cm rise and 46cm length with a flat blade end.
Carburettor Adjusting Tool
£ 10.08  
Clutch/Flywheel Holding Tool
£ 24.94  
Clutch Tool 26mm & 30mm
£ 14.46 Information Part Information
26 and 30mm
Clutch Tool Honda 20mm & 24mm Lock Nut Wrench 4 Pin Spanner
£ 18.18 Information Part Information
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