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Motorcycle shock absorbers

Hagon Twin Motorcycle Shocks Shock bushes Monoshock All Balls Linkage Bearing Kits Adjustable shocks

Motorcycle shock absorbers are available for a range of Japanese and European bikes and scooters. Bottoming out or bouncing, unsteadiness or a bumpy, uncomfortable ride are indications that the shocks are worn and need replacing.

Wemoto lists both twin shock and monoshock models from leading manufacturers such as Hagon Shocks and Nitron Shocks, and a limited range of linkage repair kits for monoshocks.

Hagon shocks

Manufactured in the UK, Hagon shocks have a wide load carrying range and are delivered with the spring pre-load set for an average weight rider (75-100kg or 165-220lbs). Hagon shocks are designed for a long service life provided they are installed correctly and come with a 2 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Adjustable twin Hagon shocks are supplied with C-spanners. Twin shocks must be adjusted while mounted on the motorcycle, while monoshocks are best adjusted when removed from the bike or scooter.

Nitron shocks

Nitron shock absorbers go further than standard adjustable pre-load; each pair of Nitron shocks is made to order in the UK to the rider's provided weight. This gives the optimum suspension without the rider needing to get their hands dirty, and caters for riders that may be over or under the usual shock load range, or commonly carry a passenger.

Where possible on the model, Nitron shocks have adjustable pre-load and length. Wemoto list three variations of Nitron shocks:

  • Sport Shock – standard shock with 2-way single damping adjuster
  • Track Shock – a track day upgrade, 2-way double damping adjuster
  • Race Shock – designed for racing, with 3-way, triple damping adjuster for the most precise tuning

All Nitron motorcycle shock absorbers have the best quality billet aluminium and CNC precision machining, resulting in a lightweight, low friction, long lasting, anti-fade shock.