MAG 15 minute waiting time for motorbikes and scooters

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15 April 2024

MAG want 15 minute free motorcycle stopping time

The Motorcycle Action Group is requesting 15 minutes free kerbside waiting time for motorcyclists

Lucy England

MAG, The Motorcycle Action Group is asking the Government for a change to the law to grant motorcyclists a free 15 minutes of waiting time at the kerb, on all non motorway roads, even where there are double yellow lines or other parking restrictions. The idea is that this will help all motorcyclists, but particularly couriers, despatch riders and delivery bikes in their work, as their job is hard enough already. Currently they frequently have to park in busy areas to make deliveries and if they had a 15 minute window they could run in and deliver their goods, without the additional fear of getting a ticket, while they are just doing their job.

Here's their request in full:
‘MAG calls for the Government and local authorities to allow motorcycles 15 minutes’ waiting time parked parallel to the kerb so as not to obstruct traffic, on all non-motorway roads, unless specifically prohibited by notice, regardless of other restrictions, e.g. double yellow lines. Such an allowance would benefit motorcycle users such as couriers, whose work supports the business world, as well as encouraging motorcycle usage generally, thereby reducing congestion and pollution.’

MAG National Chairman Neil F Liversidge said:
‘There is a strong case to allow a short waiting time for bikers where parking is otherwise restricted. Without delivery riders there would be tens of thousands of extra journeys in the urban environment due to people fetching their own parcels and takeaway food. It’s a hard life being a courier and they deserve a fairer deal, instead of being targeted for easy money with expensive traffic tickets.’

Do you think this is a good idea, should they manage to get it accepted? Are motorcycles too narrow to block the carriageway or restrict the vision of other road users, so should be allowed looser parking restrictions, or do you think they should be subject to the same rules as cars?

Would this measure benefit you in fact in your day to day life out and about on your bike? Or do you think things are best left as they are for safety's sake?
We'd like to hear your opinion so email us at [email protected] or let us know what you think on Facebook.

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