What’ya gonna do on a Wednesday night in the middle of October? Not much: get home from work, have some tea and see what’s on the box. Then the phone rings and a mate asks what you’re up to:

'Fancy coming to a secret Triumph Launch thing at a trendy venue in SE16?'

Why wouldn’t I?

He is in the trade, has travelled up to London for the event and has a spare ticket. The venue is a 10-minute cycle ride from my house and it is a free bar - make that a 7-minute cycle ride.

We meet outside Printworks: a large, modern warehouse which gets used for auspicious launches of fancy brands. There are about 100 people waiting outside. And soon we're let inside to find a large number of Triumph people waiting to meet and greet. 

There are drink and food bars primed and ready as the numbers increase to what must have been 500 – 600. Large high-quality images of custom Triumphs are hanging on the walls.

We're informed by our presenter that the event would be streamed live around the world. Huge screens allowed us to see all the upcoming action. There were to be DJ sets by Harriet Rose as well as a live set from the Vaccines. Not only that but there were GP stars headed up by Carl Fogarty and Freddie Spencer, who were going to drag race against media types. All very glamorous. 

Then they brought out the bikes. Sleek, stylish bobbers. Mr Fogarty sang their praises before the drag racing heats started, interspersed with sets from the DJ. Amidst the spinning, smoking rear wheels that snaked their way it was plain that the journos were more motivated than our retired GP stars. It was Adam Child of MCN fame who won in a close final, leaving the odour of burning tyres in the warehouse.

Not gonna say much about the bikes as there are details all over the place if you are interested - prices are not out until December for some reason.  Just that they look and sound pretty cool, although, with noise restrictions as they are, we needed the mic to transmit the exhaust note to us.

I was more interested in the event. It is certainly a clever and exciting way to launch a new model that should capture plenty of attention.  Easily more interesting than at one of the international shows. There were celebs dotted about as well as the racing heroes which all adds to the image that Triumph is nurturing. We couldn’t help but muse over how much the evening was costing the company. Clearly, Triumph thinks it's a worthwhile investment. It speaks volumes about the company's confidence in its products. 

It wasn’t on Thursday morning that I had those thoughts. It isn’t often I’m offered the opportunity to spend an evening with a free bar hosted by a motorcycle manufacturer. It would have been rude not to fully partake of the fare on offer. I have to say it was a good Wednesday evening. 

Thanks Triumph


26/10/16 - Can I name this bike? I name it "mine" god bless it and all who ride on it (me basically) best looking bike I have seen for a while.

26/10/16 - want one with black pipes and fatter front wheel

26/10/16 - We'll av a bit o that matey ! Triumph, more than a machine.

26/10/16 - About time! Can actually show me Triumph Tattoo again! ok so I admit I got old (reliable) supersport! but that stunnin!

Posted by Dave Newman
for Wemoto News on 25 October 2016 in Events

Edited By: Daisy Cordell



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