There's a lot of hype going on about this Italian manufacturer and the bikes it revealed at EICMA last week. Here's a rundown of Ducati's 2017 models.

Ducati 2017 1299 Superleggera

1299 Superleggera

We'll start with the one which is off limits to us mere mortals. This limited edition street-legal superbike for 'true [Ducati] connoisseurs'. Ducati will make just 500 of them, and they've all sold already - for £72,000 each!  So, what will their owners be getting for that hefty price?

First off, a liquid-cooled Superquadro L-twin Desmodromic 4-valve engine. The same as in the 1299 Panigale S, but bumped up to 215bhp at 11,000rpm. This will make it the most powerful twin-cylinder production bike Ducati has ever produced. It reaches its peak torque of 108.0lb-ft. at 9,000rpm.

The materials are impressive too. The bike has a carbon fibre frame, subframe, swingarm, wheels and fairing. Screws and other minor parts will be made only of titanium and aluminium. Combine this with an aluminium tank and you get a bike that's not only attractive and powerful but lightweight, at 156kg (dry).

Then there are the electrics. A 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (6D IMU) manages traction, slide, launch and engine brake control.  There's a cornering ABS system, bi-directional quick shifter, and a data analyser system.

A track enthusiasts' dream, with optional kit available to its owners such as a titanium racing exhaust. But that's not all. Owners will also be able to enjoy a day at an Italian racing circuit with riders of the Ducati Superbike Team. And they'll get the opportunity to test the Ducati Panigale R, the superbike used to compete in the world championship. An experience which Ducati claims it has reserved for its most enthusiastic customers (you'd need to be to pay that much for a bike!).

Ducati 2017 SuperSport S


On to something more realistic: this sport tourer, voted most beautiful bike at EICMA. It's available as a base model from £11,495 and a higher spec 'S' model from £12,795.

It has the same 4-valve, liquid-cooled 939cc twin Testastretta 11° engine as the Hypermotard 939. But Ducati has made alterations to the intake and exhaust system. Shifting the power lower in the rev range and adding longer final drive ratios. Its maximum power is 113bhp at 9,250rpm, and peak torque, 71.3lb-ft. at 6,500rpm.

It shares the same electronics as the Hypermotard too - ABS, traction control, and variable riding modes. But it also features a bi-directional quick shifter. A 'sports bike for everyday riders', it offers a relaxed riding position and a movable and adjustable windscreen. Its long wheelbase should add greater stability over Ducati's sportsbikes.

The differences in the two models come from the suspension. The base model, fitted with a Sachs rear shock and fully adjustable Marzocchi fork. The S model, a fully adjustable shock and fork, both from Ohlins.

The base has the signature Ducati Red fairing, while the S comes with a choice of either Ducati Red or Star White Silk. Expect to see them in showrooms from early next year.

Ducati 2017 Multistrada 950

Multistrada 950

Ducati's also growing its Multistrada range, with a less intimidating 950 model. Cheaper, more lightweight and versatile. It's also easier to maintain, with less frequent service intervals required than the 1200.

With influences from both the Multistrada 1200 and the Multistrada 1200 Enduro, it's an all-terrain bike. The electronics include four riding modes: Sport, Touring, Urban and Enduro. This is combined with ABS and traction control. Four accessory packs are also available, again with Touring, Sports, Urban and Enduro options. It's fitted with a larger, 19-inch front wheel, which should provide excellent grip and increased comfort for its riders.

Like the Supersport, it's also powered by the same engine as the 939 Hypermotard, but with new cylinder heads and a redesigned oil circuit. Max power is 113bhp at 9,000rpm; peak torque is 71.0lb-ft. at 7,750rpm.

It's available from January 2017, in a choice of Ducati Red or Star White Silk, both with grey frames and matte grey rims. UK prices are expected to start at around £11,000.

Ducati 2017 Monster 797

Monster 797

Even more affordable is Ducati's new Monster. At £7,895, it should appeal to a wider range of riders and is, as stated by the manufacturer, a 'gateway into the Ducati world'.

It's compact, has low and narrow seats, wide handlebars and is low in weight, at 175kg (dry), making it agile as well as sporty. Its steel trellis frame, in one single piece, and round headlight give it a contemporary edge while paying homage to the first Monster.

It shares the same Desmodue twin-cylinder air-cooled engine as Ducati's Scrambler machines. Offering 75bhp at 8,250 rpm and a peak torque of 50.8lb-ft. at 5750rpm. It has a slipper clutch, non-adjustable front forks, and a semi-adjustable Sachs rear monoshock. ABS is standard, but there's no traction control.

A plus version of this model will also be available, equipped with a passenger seat cover and windshield. It's expected to be in showrooms from April next year in three colours: Classic Ducati Red, with black frame and wheels; Smart Dark Stealth, with black frame and wheels; and Star White Silk, with red frame and wheels.

Ducati 2017 Monster 1200 S

Monster 1200

'Faster, Better, Monster' is the slogan for Ducati's updated 1200. The base model has an increased horsepower of 15bhp, and the S model, 5bhp. This is thanks to its revised Testastretta 11° DS v-twin engine. Both the base and S models now have a max power of 150bhp at 9,250rpm, meaning those who go for base won't miss out on performance. Though the R model is still the most powerful, with its 160hp unit. Peak torque is 93.1lb-ft. at 7,750rpm for both models.

Ducati has updated the styling as well. The 1200 and 1200 S both have new rider pegs, which are now separate from the passenger pegs, as well as a smaller swingarm. They're fitted with new, more sculpted fuel tanks and they've lost weight too - the base down to 187kg (dry) and the S down to 185kg (dry).

The S model now benefits from Ohlins suspension. The base model, Kayaba front forks and a Sachs rear monoshock, both fully adjustable. The 1200 is equipped with 10-spoke alloy wheels, and the S model, Y-shaped 3-spoke wheels with 'S' graphics.

An IMU has been fitted, which helps tune the cornering ABS and wheelie control functions for added safety. A full-colour display is also new to both models. Prices start at around £11,495 for the base and £14,295 for the S.

Ducati 2017 Scrambler Café Racer


Ducati's new editions to its Scrambler range are just as exciting. There's the Desert Sled and the Café Racer. Both attempts from Ducati to expand its customer base into these increasingly popular markets.

The Desert Sled, a Scrambler Ducati has designed for off-road, sand racing. It has a dedicated seat and longer, adjustable suspension; spoked wheels and special tyres. All seated around a reinforced frame. It's available in two colours, Red Dust and White Mirage.

Watch the YouTube release video

The Café Racer, with its clip-on handlebars, creates a more aggressive riding position which should be a hit with its customer base. And it has bar-end mirrors. Its 'Black Coffee' colour scheme is complete with black anodised forks and engine cover, with a gold trim on the wheels.  Add to that the pin striping on the tear-drop tank and you've got a true café racer. It's complete with a radical front brake, unique to this particular Scambler, for increased control.

Watch the YouTube release video

The entire Scrambler range - aside from the Sixty2 - has 803cc air-cooled twin-cylinder Desmodromic engines. Maximum horsepower is 75bhp at 8,250rpm for both the Desert Sled and Café Racer. Peak torque is 50lb-ft. at 5,750rpm. They are the same price, starting from £9,395.

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25/11/16 - and there was me thinking for some reason it'd be a six cylinder bike..

25/11/16 - Yes please

25/11/16 - dont want it for a gift - not a practical everyday usable bike ?

02/12/16 - Super sport for me. Please please Santa I have been a good boy

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