On 23rd December, Triumph Motorcycles announced an increase in profits from £8.7 million to £16.6 million. It's the only manufacturer of motorcycles based in the UK and its investments have obviously begun to pay off. Particularly in its new Bonneville range. 

Units of bikes sold rose from 53,812 to 56,253. Triumph now sells bikes, clothing and accessories in 57 countries. Machines sold abroad account for a large percentage of turnover and profit. 

Still a privately owned company, it does not have shareholders. And it's not governed by the same financial reporting regulations as publicly quoted companies. John Bloor, the owner, usually likes to keep his figures and company news cards close to his chest. But everyone likes to promote a positive news story. 

29/12/16 - Well done Triumph guys, put the uk back on the map!

29/12/16 - Not surprised, super product, the motors are sweet !

29/12/16 - Owned two of them there Trumpets......great engine.....even if it rattles a little

29/12/16 - Bobber coming in March

29/12/16 - Well done triumph hope you have a long and prosperous time ahead.

29/12/16 - That's a strange one, looks like a Bonnie but it's got a Trident motor in it.

          29/12/16 - That picture comes up on a Google images search as a triumph Trident! I agree with you though. So, it it a Trident that has been 'retro'd' or a Bonneville with a Trident engine dropped in. I think the latter.

          30/12/16 - Yes I think that as well.

          30/12/16 - Think it's one of the first prototypes

          30/12/16 - P1 prototype which was a '65 650 with the prototype engine in built on the QT.Nobody at BSA wanted to know (fk" w#@s) who owned Triumph then and was shoved under a bench until it was too late.I hope the Indians turn BSA into a poxy moped.Triumph never deserved to go under in '83.Only now do they love black paint.Back in the day Triumphs were the most colourful AND by far the best looking motorcycles on this planet or indeed the

          30/12/16 - By the way i own a '63 T120.

29/12/16 - ..that's the original trident made by the R&D dept. at Meriden in 1965(?)and it lives in the London Motorcycle Museum,West London.....!! but as usual,triumph was too busy to tool up(& beat the Japanese by 4 years!!!!!

          30/12/16 - you live and learn, never knew that.

29/12/16 - That's John Bloor, builder of houses too, and owner of Triumph Motorcycles. Quietly successful British company

30/12/16 - Lets hope that British workers benifit too ,,,,

30/12/16 - Keep up the GOOD WORK Triumph

30/12/16 - I believe all the bonnies are produced overseas but still a cracking success story

30/12/16 - Well done John Bloor and Triumph Motorcycles..... I have Bonnie, Tiger and Daytona in the shed and love them all

30/12/16 - Well done Triumph, well deserved. One thing though I think Norton will be surprised to hear that Triumph are the only UK manufacturer.

30/12/16 - Seems the new bonnivile is selling good.and is one of their best bikes.not so bad. Well done triumph. .

30/12/16 - Now produce a new Rocket!!!

30/12/16 - Goog

30/12/16 - Still miss my 77 silver jubilee! Happy days!

30/12/16 - Had a beautiful triumph 200 many years ago !!!!!!

30/12/16 - A really beautiful bike, my favourite was a 1958 T110 reg 21 CRL, wish I never sold it. Well done Triumph for succeeding when you had so much against you and in all of this have produced some really outstanding bikes.

30/12/16 - Great news. £16.6m on what I guess must be £500+m t/o is not massive though. Hopefully the business has a long and prosperous future ahead of it.

30/12/16 - I'm on my 7th Hinckley Triumph. Are they perfect? No. Are they brilliant? Yes. Will I get more? Finances permitting yes

30/12/16 - Bought a new tiger 800 instead of another BMW GS, best thing i ever did, The Triumph is in another league.

30/12/16 - excellent news !

30/12/16 - Nice to see a British bike.

30/12/16 - Well done John. Thank you for bringing Triumph back to the top. I'm on my third modern Triumph.

30/12/16 - Brings back memories had brand new 1968 bonnie 360£

          31/12/16 - Me and my buddy  paid £1050 for T140Vs in late 77. I wish we still had them.

          31/12/16 - Paid 8600 for a new bike 40 years later and its blue

04/01/17 - The best news . Well done triumph

04/01/17 - I'd never buy a Triumph made in the Far East. Just doesn't seem right ps I've a 1st edition Speed Triple 900 so not just your....'moaner because I can'

Posted by John Newman
for Wemoto News on 28 December 2016 in General News

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