Thank you to everyone who bought the Festival of Jurby t-shirt this year! On November 26th at Motorcycle Live,  we handed over the cheque to the legendary John McGuinness, on behalf of the Manx Grand Prix Supporters' Club, with an amazing total of £22,000!

It's been our third consecutive year raising money for the club through the sale of our stylish Festival of Jurby T-shirts. John Younge is our in-house designer and has been the creative mind behind every Jurby t-shirt so far!

The club was formed with the main intention of ensuring a rescue helicopter would be on standby during practice weeks and race days for the Isle of Man's Manx Grand Prix. The club also supports injured riders and their families. Riders such as Royce Rowe from Adelaide, Australia have been taken care of by the MGPSC.

This year's design celebrated Bob McIntyre who has had five Grand Prix wins, three of which were at the Isle of Man. McIntyre can be seen in his signature 'Dustbin' Gilera on the shirt, surrounded by the slogan “Today we do the Ton” which pays homage to the 60 year anniversary of his record-breaking 100mph lap! For more information on Bob McIntyre, check out our previous article

This year's t-shirt design.
We're very pleased to be able to help with such a great cause and we're even more pleased that our customers help us outdo the donation every year!
In 2015 we raised an amazing £10,000! 2016 was even better with over £16,000 raised and as mentioned previously, this year we've managed an astounding £22,000 through the overwhelming demand for the t-shirts. We restocked our supply five times during the charity run time to keep up with customer orders. Our target for this year was £20,000 and we're more than pleased to have outdone our goal through the t-shirt profits!

John would like to spread a cheeky rumour for next year's design and let you know that it might contain Mike Hailwood! Thank you to everyone who took part in the t-shirt sales, and we'll see you all next year!


7/12/17 - fanatstic outcome / I will have next years Too. Ruairi

5/12/17 - Great news guys, Merry Xmas and a happy new TT 2018

5/12/17 - Well done you. Fab result

5/12/17 - Well done great target. Bought a t shirt and will buy again next year jas

5/12/17 - And thanks to you too - I was there! Cheers, Steve.

5/12/17 - Well Done....great 'T' shirt, looking forward to next years....I'm already booked for 2018 (TT & Manx Classic). Eric T.

5/12/17 - Thank you for your great support to the IOM VMCC.  Jurby Day, I am a committee member for the club. Kind regards, Martin S-P.

5/12/17 - Is it possible to pre order the 2018 shirt yet ? Cheers, keep up the good work.

05/12/17 - Fantastic!

05/12/17 - That's a great result - A really nice t shirt it is too, will be keeping an eye out for more

05/12/17 - Well Done everyone! Looking forward to next years design!! xxx

04/12/17 - I bought this year and last year and will do the same next year.

04/12/17 - Well done!

Posted by Denisa Orbulescu
for Wemoto News on 01 December 2017 in Company News



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