Since Monday, the 4th of June, a new law has been made for learner drivers which will allow them to drive on UK motorways while being accompanied by a driving instructor and driving a dual controlled car. The lessons won’t be mandatory, as the instructors believe drivers should be competent enough to pass a full license before taking on the motorway.

This should prove a good learning technique, as it can be daunting for any first time driver to tackle motorways on their own and understanding the roads earlier on should (in theory) allow the drivers to feel more confident in their driving.

Since this law requires an instructor to be present with the driver, it cannot be applied to learner motorcyclists.  

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think learner motorcyclists should be allowed on motorways? Do you think the law should be extended to motorcyclists? Get in touch with us at


19/06/18 - I don’t see the need. Learners can be taken on non motorway dual carriageways at 70mph. The technique is much the same.

13/06/18 -   I just hopped on my 125 and doddled up the motorway at 52mph sometimes hitting 55 mph when I started off I feel safer on motorway t junctions to get hit at

10/06/18 - Good. Better than letting someone who's never been on a motorway loose after they pass their test. People need an eduction on how to use motorways, and most countries that have a high standard of driving teach their learners to use motorways

10/06/18 - Makes sense to me. There’s so many people have no idea how to use a motorway sitting in lane three at 50!

10/06/18 - It's about time the first motorway was opened 60yrs ago... FFS...

09/06/18 - will not make much difference..70 percent of motorway drivers drive like there learners anyway.

09/06/18 - Over 50% of driver who use the motorway system in the uk need educating in how to use it .... every single i have to deal with d*ckh**ds .... yes i am a truck driver so know what i am talking about

09/06/18 - About time

09/06/18 - Most likely the safest drivers on the motorway

08/06/18 - Why not, they'll soon learn about three lanes of HGV's doing the world's longest overtake

08/06/18 - ever come across a car doing 40mph in the outside lane on a blind hill its a bit scary

          08/06/18 - me on my bike and 3 cars doing " error" speeds had to swerve into the middle lane to miss it

07/06/18 - Should only be once a certain level has been attained, or as an add on once through the normal test.

07/06/18 - Any extra training is a good thing

07/06/18 - I find most drivers already on the motorway need an education in lane disciple, merging, following distances and anticipation. Education is never a bad thing, so I welcome it.

07/06/18 - Can't see what the 'hoo hah' is all about, it's only a glorified dual carriageway. The single most important thing that needs teaching is, how to merge with traffic on the motorway when joining from the on ramp, far too many seem to think traffic should slow down for them, as opposed to them dropping in behind

07/06/18 - I want to see how dual controls look on a motorbike

07/06/18 - I think it is needed as far too many new drivers hit the motorway on their own with no experience, panic and do silly and potentially dangerous things.

Posted by Denisa Orbulescu
for Wemoto News on 07 June 2018 in General News



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