A recent marketing campaign by MV Agusta featuring a naked woman has received mixed opinions from the public.

The 1-minute video advertising the launch of the limited-edition F3 Superveloce 800 shows a woman, wearing only boots, suggestively straddling the bike. It's been posted on the company's Facebook and Instagram accounts, where it has become the topic of discussion for many.

The bike is arguably a sexy machine, and some say the video is appropriate considering; beautiful bike, beautiful woman. Others claim it has cheapened the brand, with some calling it a ‘backward step for women in motorcycling’.  

The Italian manufacturer says it is sticking with its decision to use the model, claiming it was the ‘artistic expression of the director’.

Women have been posing on or with motorcycles for a long time. 'Sex sells' is a technique used by most motorcycle manufacturers. Grid girls, promo girls, hostesses, umbrella women – attractive women who add glamour and sexiness.

Of course, this happens in many industries. Good looking female models are used to sell things to women as much as they're used to sell things to men. It's been the way of the world for a long time. Although society seems to be adopting a more modern approach in recent years.

In January, Formula 1 announced it would no longer be using grid girls. The news sparked a backlash with some of the F1 girls who argued that if freedom of choice is the goal then, ultimately, it’s an individual’s choice what job they want to do. Who better to judge whether it is right or wrong than women themselves? But the majority of female motorcyclists are not happy with the advert. Many commenting that they will not be buying from the brand.  

We’ve come a long way from the days when women were only seen posing with a bike or as a pillion in advertising. There are more female motorcyclists than ever before. Many motorcycle manufacturers are seeking to reach the growing population of female riders, showing women riding in adverts and targetting marketing campaigns at them.

Is using a naked woman to sell a motorcycle a step away from the progressiveness we see elsewhere, or is it harmless fun?  

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15/07/19: Fabulous!

13/07/19: Why are most of you blokes offended? Most of us girls aren’t. It’s a tasteful advert, get over yourselves.

12/07/19: I hope it was only the tyres that left skid marks!

12/07/19: 70's called, they want their adverts back

12/07/19: Cheap and outdated

12/07/19: Definitely not..its all sexy

12/07/19: It's ok all firms have been doing it for years and I bet all the women and men were paid

12/07/19: Sorry, I notice from the replies here, that it's mainly men answering this question. So I wish to speak up for strong liberated female bikers (I hope I'm not speaking out of turn here). Perfectly fine, no offense here, she's getting paid for it, so what's the issue !

12/07/19: If women want to be paid to pose in their knickers on nice bikes... more power to them

12/07/19: Love the ad, the PC brigade need to dump their holier than thou attitudes, throw away their halos and chill out, the MV Veloce was nice too.

12/07/19: Compulsory, I'd have thought. Mr.Sheene would have agreed with me.

12/07/19: Italian Bikes and Women are Beautiful..... That is all.

12/07/19: Hopefully the only skiddies were made the one on the floor and not on the seat.

12/07/19: Nowt wrong with it

12/07/19: I think it should be banned. It condones the use of motorcycles without wearing protective gear, just think of the gravelrash should she have an off.

12/07/19: I don't see what the issue is nowadays. If women were restricted to only this type of modelling work, then maybe it would be objectionable, but women can play any part in the design and manufacturing process, or any other part of any motorcycle company they want. There is nothing wrong with beauty in any form, so I really don't see an issue. If they were to put a fit looking bloke on there to get the beautiful and powerful message across, then fine by me too. Beauty demands attention whether we like it or not, so let's just appreciate it and not get offended because we can't be as beautiful as the models.

12/07/19: Now that's an advert.

12/07/19: Lighten up you see more flesh on the tv sitcoms these days

12/07/19: What just happened I want a mv now

12/07/19: Personally I just want to see the bike; a model will look just like any other and gets in the way.

12/07/19: Love it

12/07/19: Pretty bike+pretty girl-my attention. She got paid(probably quite well), wasn’t forced, that’s ok Girls seem to like fit blokes revealing as much as legal in advertising, again that’s fine. It’s what advertising is about, get over it. Too many professional “offended” voices these days. Does anyone listen to the silent majority any more?

12/07/19: Brilliant marketing by MV Augusta ..this has popped into my feed from various sites. I bet it's got them far more brand exposure than any "safe" advert! My opinion? I'm not offended, it's legal, it's not spreading hate or promoting violence, encouraging crime. The "easily offended" of the world and the UK should be getting offended by far nastier things than a pretty lady on a motorbike.

12/07/19: What's wrong with being offended ?

12/07/19: I think we live by double standards. I'm not sure having naked women (even tastefully done) advertising is probably going to do the debate a whole lot of good, but at the same time there is basically near-naked sex-fest of the likes of 'Love Island' going on, that has near zero restraint and zero class. If we don't want people (male and female) to appear objectified, then we can't be selective based on what suits our outrage.

12/07/19: Personally I'd rather see a bike being advertised by a woman who can actually ride it.

12/07/19: At least the Norton girls had there gear on.Mind you that was near on 50 yrs a go.

Posted by Daisy Cordell
for Wemoto News on 12 June 2019 in General News



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