We at Wemoto, have quite a few people working from home now, apart from our fantastic warehouse staff who are still there getting your packages out, with measures in place to keep them as safe as possible. Those working from home include all our vulnerable staff and many of our office people who are able to work remotely. We are doing absolutely everything we can to keep our employees safe as we really value our staff who are all very hardworking and dedicated to what they do, so you can be sure that if you order parts from us you will not be putting anyone at risk by doing so.

Working from home:
If, like many of us at Wemoto you are working from home, you may be finding it challenging if you have never done it before, so here are a few suggestions that we are trying to do here to make it a little easier for our staff:

  • Try to give yourself a schedule so that you start work and finish work at the same time each day and take regular scheduled breaks during you work hours - preferably involving a chocolate biscuit! Otherwise you can get easily distracted and feel unproductive or you can just never stop work because you want to get that thing finished and end up not having enough of a break. If you can plan your breaks for the same time as your office mates you could even have a little 10 minute check in or whatsapp chat in your break, like you would've done while making the tea at work!
  • Try to have a designated workspace which you do your work from and leave your work behind there when you are not working - don't work from bed if at all possible :)
  • Try to have maybe weekly video meetings if you can with all your colleagues who are working from home, or your particular department, to make sure that you are all on the same page and working to a plan so that people don't drift off and all end up working away in their own world, maybe going off mission or feeling lost or directionless.
  • Do a weekly information sheet or all-staff email to make sure that everyone knows what's going on if there are any changes or developments in company policy or protocols. Or if someone is doing something fantastic so everyone can give them a round of virtual applause.
  • Set up a chat group for your department where people can chat and say what they're up to in case anyone has a particular problem or issue coming up so they can support each other.
  • Try to fit in some exercise every day if you can to stay as fit as you can and keep the endorphins whizzing around.
Hopefully many of you will still be working from home - helps to stay busy and keep the finances as stable as possible - so if you are, we'd love to hear if you have any personal tips which you have heard or invented for staying productive, on point and as cheery as possible.

Equally if you are using this time to work on your bike, like many others  - we'd love to hear how it's going and how motivated you are and what is helping you.

Or if you are at home off work or furloughed, please let us know how you're doing and what you are doing to keep yourself going - what's helping and what's hard - we really want to hear about it and you are not alone.

We know what a huge effort we are all having to make to stay indoors and keep safe, protect our vulnerable friends and support our indomitable NHS and we're all doing our very best here and know that you are out there too, so stay safe and carry on, we'll get there in the end and get back on our motorcycles!

All the best from the Wemoto team.

Posted by Lucy England
for Wemoto News on 20 April 2020 in Company News


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