Dougie Lampkin is one of the motorcycling heroes who, like many others, got a love of all things motorcycle early on, coming from a bred in the bone motorcycling family. Hailing from Silsden in  West Yorkshire, in his own words he had a motorcycle before he was born! His father Martin was the first ever FIM Trial World Champion in 1975, and Dougie followed his father into the saddle starting early in the youth ranks. It didn't take long for his skills to earn him his place on the international Motorcycle Trials scene, gaining the 1993 European Trial crown when he was only seventeen. The following year he took his first British title and then by 1997 he had matched his father's prowess and became the FIM Trial World Champion.

After reaching this peak achievement he didn't rest on his laurels, but carried on in his career, gaining a truly impressive 12 individual world titles over the next few years and an additional three British team World titles. Going from strength to strength, Dougie has continued his habit of winning throughout his riding history, and won the Scottish Six Days Trial for the twelfth time in 2018.

Check out these pics from when our very own John Newman went on a trials day a while back.
Alongside his undoubted world beating riding skills, he has managed to fit in some interesting activities on the side – for example under his Red Bull UK sponsorship he got another record as the first rider to wheelie the entire thirty-seven miles of the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course – oh and in a gale as well! You might ask why, but he is never a man to turn down a challenge and presumably wanted to test his extraordinary abilities against the notorious Snaefell Mountain Course, but in a different way from a TT racer! He has also passed on his skills by teaching many other riders how to ride a Trials bike and inspiring them to have a go at this truly challenging sport.

Dougie has had a really illustrious career spanning over twenty-five years, a true example of man and machine in perfect harmony, and he is still very much in demand with a busy professional schedule appearing at international motorcycling events as rider and ambassador. What an example to any young riders who want to get involved in the exciting challenging and highly skilled world of trials riding.

Posted by Lucy England
for Wemoto News on 21 May 2020 in Features



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