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One of a pair sharing the same platform is the Royal Enfield Interceptor, with its cafe racer pal the Continental, and a couple of versatile, go anywhere motorcycles they really are. Sparkling with shiny chrome and sporting a growly air cooled twin engine, the Interceptor is proving to be a very popular bike, combining retro good looks with genuine all round ability. So much so in fact that it was the UK’s best selling bike in June 2020. Not only does it cover every base in town, but it has power and poke out on the motorways and comes in at a great price to boot.

When it was designed the remit was to make the Interceptor fun and but really useful at the same time, so it combines agility with a really competent chassis, and although it weighs in at 200kilos it doesn't feel like it in action. It has 88mm of travel at the rear and 110mm at the front with 174mm ground clearance. With twin adjustable rear shocks, it comes with a nice C spanner and set of tools on board under the side panel, to achieve this with.  The only thing which could be called into question is its suspension which is soft and can wallow on bends. You may find that you really feel it if you hit a pothole and goodness knows we have a few of those on our UK roads. But there's an answer to everything, YSS make a fork upgrade kit for the Royal Enfield Interceptor too now, so you can gild the lily and improve the ride yourself. Here's how one rider got on with upgrading his.

Some Deets
The Interceptor brakes cut the mustard ok, with brakes from Brembo subsidiary ByBre paired with Bosch two channel ABS.

The six speed gearbox is smooth and silky and the engine is an air cooled 8 valve 648cc parallel twin. Perhaps an added bonus is the engine's 270 degree firing interval which gives it its distinctive rumbly voice which growls at you from another era and is strangely comforting.

The seat is narrow and perhaps a tad hard for long distances, but a soft pad on the seat can remedy this issue, to counter this negative are the switch gear, lights and clocks which delightfully simple and clear.

There's just something about the Royal Enfield Interceptor which speaks to everyone and is almost impossible not to get along with. It's friendly, accommodating and easy to ride, fine and manoeuvrable around town at low speeds but packing a punch and well capable on the open road. It is also a nice bike to look at and will not embarrass you on your driveway, but draw envious looks from passers by.

Have you tried one or even got one? If so what do you think of it, is it as good as it sounds? Let us know at or on Facebook

Posted by Lucy England
for Wemoto News on 30 December 2020 in Motorcycles



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