Day 2

I woke up around 7:30 to leave myself plenty of time for our 09:30 departure – and guess what the sun was shining again – so much for the rain in Spain! Kevin and Lynda from Tours on Two Wheels would be joining me for this first stretch on Reverend Green (Triumph Tiger Explorer).

Having not gone nuts with luggage, I managed to fit everything apart from the suitcase into the two side  panniers and left my suitcase at Kevin's to look after until it was time for my return flight. Although there is plenty of room in the panniers I would suggest only packing what you need and if taking a pillion, discussing this with Kevin first, otherwise you may be having to turn your underwear inside out.

Looking for adventure...

Due to me trying to cram a seven day trip into five, we were having to cover more miles on the motorway then normal

After around about an hour on the road and 130KM under our wheels there was so little vibration on Captain Black that numb bum had not set in, I was fine and the only stop required was for fuel due to starting with only half a tank.  Fuel wise my overall experience of the trip makes me guess at 400km to a tank with a full tank costing around 20 euros – not bad.

Film time! There are a few nice snippets of Spanish roads to watch interspersed amongst the chat in this episode - here is the first one: The road less travelled - can't remember where this one is - email us if you can recognise it! :0)

At this point I realised that I really wouldn't have needed a bigger engined bike as my Triumph continued to deliver power smoothly all way up to the national speed limit.

Eventually we stopped to refuel ourselves at a small cafe/restaurant in Vistabella, near the Lake Embalse de la Pedrera and the vista really was bella.

Film: Embalse de la Pedrera

Then it was back on the road starting off along side Embalse de la Pedrera. This was such a smooth flowing and hypnotic stretch of road that when we had finished I wanted to turn straight round and do it all over again.  This happened a lot on my trip!

...In whatever comes our way

The roads continued to offer a great variety of delights from more twistys, through lots of small towns, complimented by more short bursts of refreshing speed down the motorway, coming close Murcia and San Javier on our way to Cartagena.

Cartagena was the usual stopping point for the first day.  It is the main military base in Spain and due to its strategic importance through the years it has been inhabited by many different cultures which have each put their stamp on the city, leaving it steeped in history. A great place to explore and plenty to see again.

Film:Route to Mazarron

Our next stop was Mazarron, a short 30KM trip away along another I want to turn around and do it again stretch of road through La Muela y Cabo Tiñosovalley

We stopped in Puerto de Mazaron  for a spot of lunch,  I was boring and opted for a pizza but soon regretted my decision after seeing Lynda's paella, the Port itself was overflowing with places to eat and tourists both Spanish and foreign.

Lunch disposed of, it was time to head to Tabernas just over 100KM away, taking in yet more beautiful windy  roads and alongside the pearlescent sea.  

Film: Seaside Road

Upon Arriving at Tabernas we booked into the hotel and stabled our rides in the garage for the night.

What's up Doc?

After a quick shower to help me feel human again (REALLY needed a more suitable jacket) it was down to the bar for a much deserved beer, while 22 hombres chased each other round on the telly while trying to put a ball in a net, I'm more of a rugby man.

Then we headed out into the quaint town of Tabernas in search of dinner, this is where our British frame of mind worked against us, despite it being mid evening, 8ish, nowhere was open yet.  So sadly we had to while away the time with another beer in the only bar that was open and back to the hotel for food.  I decided to tryout a local dish and ordered Rabbit.  It was delicious despite the fact that it came with a whole smiling rabbit skull on top.  I can only assume that this was for decoration as I couldn't find any meat on it. What’s up doc?

We had another drink and a chat about the rest of my trip as I would be on my own from here on in until I reached Trailworld Spain for the off roading part of my holiday. Kevin gave me a rough idea of the route telling me the sites to take in and answering my questions about speed limits and road laws.

Then it was off to bed, and I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous going to bed thinking I'm going to be left alone now in them middle of a country I don't know and don't speak the language with nothing but a bike and a SatNav, still it wouldn't be an adventure otherwise!

And then...

Watch this space for the next episode in the Carl rides Spain saga...

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Posted by Daisy Cordell
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