Here are a few words from the man himself Dan Kneen (sponsored by Wemoto) about his race season so far:


" Kell's was a simple enough track to learn, very hard on the brakes from high speed with some tricky very fast jumps. I adapted quickly to it so I wasn't too far off the pace in the practice. The races went well and I had some good dices with Derek Magee on the SBK and I managed to come out on top, opening up my championship lead.

Open SBK 1st
600 5th
Grand Final 1st

The Bush has to have been one of the hardest tracks I've ever ridden, technical but very bumpy at the same time, so I rode with my head that weekend and didn't push too hard. Hamilton was going really well and running a hot pace, I would say I still hadn't really learnt the track at the end of the meeting as I was unsure on some of the fast parts, so I knew it would be hard to push for the win. Both me and Jamie broke Farquhar's lap record In the Grand Final, so I couldn't have been going too badly as a newcomer.

Open 2nd
Twin 3rd
600 2nd
Grand Final 2nd      

I'd heard lots about the Skerries circuit before I went and it was as narrow as they said and very slippy, so it was hard to gauge the grip as it was different at some turns, apart from that it was enjoyable to ride. Practice was wet so they always make you follow a marshal and do the grids off championship points so I was on pole for the SBK race and I'd never ridden the place at any pace. I built up my speed throughout the day and by the Grand Final was I was able to challenge for the win.

Open 5th
600 9th
Twin 5th
Grand Final 1st

Back home to the Southern 100 which I was looking forward to as I knew I hadn't gone as well as I could in previous years there. Practice went well and I was happy with where I'd qualified. The first race didn't go to plan with a faulty fuel pump slowing us but from there on I was on the podium in every race even after I overshot and dropped to 16th in the final championship race I still managed to get back to 3rd so I was happy with the whole event.

Open 5th/3rd
600 3rd/3rd
Main 1000 race 3rd

By this time I was starting to get worn down from riding the past six days non-stop. Walderstown was another new one to me and the first time I'd seen it was in the van the night before practice, It was wet again so I was in the same position as Skerries which was less than Ideal. Luckily it was an easy track to pick up, Racing went well and I even managed to break Micky D's lap record in the Grand Final, I was pushed early on by William but managed to win by 6.5 seconds.

Open 4th
600 3rd
Grand Final 1st

After a two week break It was off to Armoy and the Dunlop's back yard. The weather for Practice was scorching hot and with having a bit of flu that didn't help.I was only .7 off pole on the SBK and the other classes were good too, so it was fair to say I'd learnt it quickly. Race day was tricky with lots of rain and shiny tar making it hard work. I was learning still and getting better by each race. For the Grand Final I got a good start and led the race on lap one and had a good race splitting the Tyco boys.

I'm glad to say with that I have secured the 2014 Ulster Superbike Championship, so a massive thanks to my team and sponsors for making this possible.

Open 4th
600 5th
Twin 5th
Grand Final 3rd"

So all in all a great season so far for Dan Kneen!
Posted by Dan Kneen
for Wemoto News on 07 August 2014 in Racing

Edited By: Lucy England



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