Last week, Wemoto opened its sixth franchise, Wemoto Spain. And what better member of staff to be running it than our very own Spaniard, Carlos.

Carlos has always loved motorcycles, his current ride of choice being a Honda NT 400 Bros. He's been working at Wemoto's UK branch for four years now and says he's enjoyed every minute of it – where else can you spend all day talking about bikes? We are very lucky, indeed! And so he was the obvious choice when Wemoto decided to venture into Spanish territory. Now, in its second week of trading (and amidst a mountain of parcels and paperwork), we caught up with him, to see how he's been getting on.

Pequeños comienzos - Small beginnings

So, when did you actually start trading?

We officially started trading on Friday 21st August. We then had to wait all weekend before we could see how we'd been doing. I felt like a child waiting for Christmas.

And how has Wemoto Spain been doing?

It started off small, and humbly, averaging at five or six orders a day, but it's definitely growing!

Who came up with the idea of a Wemoto Spain?

Well, Wemoto has some franchises already (six, to be exact: Australia, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland and now Spain). The company has been looking to open a franchise in Spain for a while now. I've been missing Spain for a while now too.

Well, who wouldn't?

Exactly. So when the chance arose for someone to move to Spain and start a Spanish Wemoto, obviously I jumped at it.

How was it setting up your own business?

As us guys in Spain say,  'Las cosas de palacio siempre van despacio'. This loosely means that things always move slower than expected. They are never as straight forward as they appear. There was a ton of paperwork that needed to be filled out – I feel like I've learnt so much already!

'Step through the door and you're into Wemoto Spain'

So, for us holiday makers, where is Wemoto Spain?

Funny story this one. We haven't actually got a premises yet. We're currently still running things from the UK, all the while searching for a suitable premises in Spain. It's going to be in Denia (Alicante) though, as that's where I grew up, and where my family live now. I do have my own office though, at the UK branch, with “” printed onto it. Step through the door and you're into Wemoto Spain. Sadly, the Spanish weather doesn't appear with it. Still, I'll be there soon!

When are you hoping this will be?

I'm aiming for mid-end December, in time to spend Christmas with my family. There's still a bit of work to do here first and I really want to make sure I can find the perfect premises to move out to.

Will you be coming back to visit us? We really don't mind visiting you instead!

Of course I'll be back, from time to time. My friends here feel the same way about it as you though, and have already said they want to visit me, rather than the other way around. I'm so excited to get back there myself – see my family, enjoy the weather, eat amazing food, and to still be working with bikes – what more could I ask for?

We'll be catching up with Carlos at a later date (hopefully with some tapas) to see how he's getting on with Wemoto Spain.
Posted by Daisy Cordell
for Wemoto News on 09 September 2015 in Company News



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