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Great Rider Cafes 7
A few from the west

Located just off the bridge in Runcorn, there are some great roads surrounding the BFE Cafe. Upon arrival, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, particularly on Tuesdays - the cafe's bike nights. Whether you're there to enjoy the nosh (the burgers are great) or to chat to fellow bikers, you won't be disappointed.


When it comes to cafes in the west, we'd be fools to miss this well-known truck stop out. Famous for its friendly atmosphere, tasty fry-ups and freshly brewed tea, it's a great stopping point on a long day's ride. At its best (and busiest, bike-wise) on Thursday's bike nights.


The Food Stop is a very popular resting place, particularly around breakfast time, where you can expect to see tons of shiny bikes in the bike park. It's atmospheric and busy, though the staff are as speedy as they are friendly, so don't let that put you off. It's proper biker cafe - whether you fancy chatting to like-minded people or sitting with the latest motorcycle magazine, you can do it there.

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Last Edited: 2017 October 10

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