Picture of Yamaha NS 50 F Aerox 4 15 Brake Disc Front Kyoto

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Yamaha NS 50 F Aerox 4 15 Brake Disc Front Kyoto

Kyoto brake discs offer optimum style and performance, as well as big savings over original equipment discs.

Laser cut from high-carbon stainless steel, each disc provides a wide stopping surface area and high heat dissipation.

For many models, matching Kyoto pads are also available

Like all friction components, Kyoto discs require 'bedding in' - for optimum performance and to ensure a long life for your new disc and pads, you should drive gently and avoid harsh braking for at least 100 miles to avoid damage or 'glazing' the new components.

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Motorcycle Disc brakes : what they are, how they work and how to fit them...

The disc brake is a wheel brake which works by stopping the motorcycle wheel from rotating using friction. The friction is caused by pushing the brake pads against the brake discs hydraulically, using a set of calipers. The brake disc is connected to the wheel and/or the axle and this friction causes the wheel to slow down or stop by converting the motion (or kinetic energy) to heat. Disc brakes first appeared in 1962 but have evolved and become more sophisticated since then.

There are several different types of disc brakes available now:

example of a solid motorcycle brake disc
Solid Disc
example of a floating motorcycle brake disc
Floating Disc
example of a solid wavy motorcycle brake disc
Solid Wavy Disc
example of a floating wavy motorcycle brake disc
Floating Wavy Disc
Drilled or Slotted Discs:

These are disc brakes with holes or slots drilled into them. This serves several purposes, the holes let the rainwater through them more easily so that the brake discs don't get so slippery when it's wet. They also cool more quickly helping the efficiency of the brakes by preventing overheating. Slots machined in the disc aid the removal of dust and oil residue and help to deglaze the brake discs so that they are less slippery.

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Instructional DVD- A Guide For Replacing Your Brake Disks and Pads



The complete guide to checking, replacing and upgrading your brake disks and pads. Professionally filmed in our studio, Nick Hine shows you exactly how to do each job - with clear, close-up shots, tips, advice and techniques that enable you to get a professional finish - even if you have no experience.

All DVDs start and end with the bike on the ground, They don't miss out any steps and always use standard home garage tools where possible and show you how to make your own special tools where necessary. We explain why you need to do each task and try to give you a good understanding of the principles behind each job.

  • Accurately check your disks and pads for wear
  • Safely jack and support your bike
  • Choose the correct new brake components
  • Remove the wheels, calipers, disks and pads correctly
  • Fit new disks correctly
  • Clean and un-seize stuck calipers
  • Maintain the pins on sliding calipers
  • Fit new pads
  • Rebuild your bike
  • Bed your brakes in safely
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