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Yamaha TRX 850 96 Battery Band - Strap

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Battery Types

Motorcycle Batteries come in four basic types: Conventional, Yumicron, User Activated Maintenance Free and Factory Activated Maintenance Free. Each requires a slightly different commissioning procedure.

Battery Identification
  • Conventional and Yumicron Batteries can be identified easiest by the removable plastic plugs they have at the top of each cell, 6 plugs for a 12V and 3 for a 6V battery. Conventional batteries generally have part numbers starting with either 6N or 12N depending on voltage. The Yumicron batteries generally have part numbers starting with YB or CB depending on manufacturer, and are only available as 12 Volt units. These types of battery are more common on older machines and usually have an overflow pipe outlet on one side.
  • User Activated Maintenance Free Batteries or more commonly just Maintenance Free are usually supplied with a 6 cell acid package and a single sealing cap strip which will seal all 6 cells of the battery simultaneously. This type of battery does not have an overflow pipe, the casing is normally opaque and the part numbers generally start with YTX, GTX, ETX or CTX depending on the manufacturer.
  • Factory Activated Maintenance Free Batteries or more commonly Gel Batteries are generally opaque and completely sealed. The part numbers of Gel Batteries are a little more varied starting with CT, CTZ, YT, YTZ amongst others. Note: Gel type batteries require a charging voltage of at least 14.0 volts as opposed to 13.8 volts for liquid electrolyte types, so if upgrading check that the charging system is suitable.

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General Care

Motorcycle batteries like being used. They do not like being neglected, unused or uncharged.

If left for any length of time without being charged, even if they are not connected, all lead-acid batteries will go through a natural process of self-discharging, motorcycle batteries because of their composition tend to be more prone to this than other lead acid batteries. If the battery has reached the stage of being deeply discharged it is often impossible to recover, even if the battery itself is relatively new. If the battery is connected to the bike and the bike has an alarm or immobiliser fitted the time it takes a battery to reach a deeply discharged state can be short, often a matter of days.

Regular charging is the only way to ensure a long life from your battery and work against the natural process of self-discharge. Most intelligent motorcycle battery chargers come with leads which can be permanently fixed to your battery with the battery connector neatly hidden away in the bike. Charging is then a easy matter of plugging the connector in to the charger.

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6V and 12V Lead Acid Battery Chargers

Nitro Battery Cutaway

Cutaway Nitro GEL battery

Motorcycle and Scooter Battery Chargers

A lead acid battery will naturally self-discharge at a rate of 0.2-1.0% per day - and that's before the constant drain of an alarm, immobiliser or other accessory.

For the longest effective working life, a battery should be kept at full or near full charge capacity. This can be obtained with the use of an intelligent charger.

Automatic (Intelligent or 'Trickle') Chargers

A trickle charger (or smart charger) is so called because once the battery is detected as fully charged, it will reduce the power (to a 'trickle' ) to recover a battery's self-discharge without allowing it to overcharge.

Wemoto are stockists of BC Battery Controller - An automatic smart charger for the charge, maintenance and recovery of all lead-acid batteries. These intelligent chargers are driven by a microprocessor to determine the state of the battery before charge, and perform recovery, charge and desulphation cycles as required, without risk of overcharging or overheating, and even protect against short circuits and inverse polarity.

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