The Ducati Diesel partnership continues with the creation of this unique motorcycle. And, no, it's not a diesel-run machine, but Diesel as in the international fashion brand.

This new Diavel - an Italian word which translates as 'Devil' - will be on sale from April this year. Is it limited to 666 units - sensing a theme here?

The inspiration comes from 'an imaginary post-apocalyptic and retro-futuristic world'. The partners' slogan for the bike, Never Look Back, is said to capture the essence of this collaboration between the Creative Director of Diesel Licenses, Andrea Rossi, and Ducati's Design Centre.

The bike's features include a hand-brushed stainless steel tank cover, with industrial-style visible welding and rivets.  The exhaust system features a Zirocetec black ceramic coating on the tubes and silencers. The endcaps bear a pyramid logo, representative of the Ducati, Diesel, Diavel trio. This matches the bike's matte black front mudguard. Both that and the saddle, made of real leather, also bear the DDD pyramid.  

In-keeping with its 666 theme, its LCD display is red. As is its Diesel-branded lateral air intake covers, five of its chain links, and, of course, its Brembo front brake calipers.  

Being a limited-edition motorcycle, each one will have its own plate on the frame with its unique model number.

Mechanically, the bike is the same as the standard Diavel. With its 162bhp 1198cc Testastretta 11° L-Twin engine and Ducati Safety Pack with Bosh ABS. It has three pre-set Riding Modes which adjust the maximum power, engine output and the Ducati Traction Control.  

Its 50mm front fork is fully adjustable for spring pre-load, compression and rebound. While its rear monoshock is fully adjustable for compression and rebound.  

Italy has long been known as a hub of fashion, and in true fashionista style, the bike was revealed at Men's Fashion Week. But if the Diavel Diesel isn't on-trend enough for you on its own, Diesel has also created a capsule wardrobe collection which goes with the bike, consisting of jeans, a leather jacket and a few t-shirts.  

Ducati recently reported positive sales figures for 2016, the end of its 90th anniversary year. Which means it has grown its sales for the seventh year in a row. It also claimed that the Italian market has grown by 20% during the last 12 months, 84% since the beginning of 2015.

Diesel, whose CEO Renzo Rosso is a huge bike fan, sponsored Ducati in the World Superbike Championships during the 90s. And they collaborated in 2012 to produce a special edition Monster 1100. Perhaps this continued partnership with another Italian brand will further strengthen Ducati's success in its home country.

Prices are yet to be revealed, but you can watch the video and learn more at

Is this bike amazing or is it a little too mad for you? Let us know what you think by emailing


26/01/17 - Not my cup of tea

26/01/17 - Love the Diavel

27/01/17 - I'll stick with my Dark Stealth Diavel thank you

27/01/17 - Harley Davidson are launching a diesel driven motorcycle next year...

27/01/17 - Diesel bikes, no thanks

27/01/17 - Wouldn't be so bad if it had a diesel motor.

27/01/17 - U.K. are against diesels at the mo, they're down in trend so tax is likely to be high.

27/01/17 - They'll be bought and hidden away. Pretty 9.5/10 Practical 3/10

27/01/17 - the only thing I like is the seat lol

27/01/17 - There like holding on to a Bull with a pair of clamps on its balls , mad bikes

27/01/17 - Diesel? W**k... not fast enough

          27/01/17 - It's not a diesel. Read the post. Lol.

          27/01/17 - ha ha, oh right... petrol then. Still w**k. Too slow

27/01/17 - Fugly thing

27/01/17 - 'Bout time somebody (and why not Ducati) made an actual high performance diesel bike. Caterpillar make a V8 to order I think.....

This is just confusing.

28/01/17 - Can't believe people still think it has a diesel engine.

28/01/17 - Design wise I like bits of it but some pieces just don't look at all right. Trouble with Ducati is they reached design perfection years ago and may have set the bar too high for themselves

28/01/17 - What ever happened to Ducati making beautiful bikes like the 916, that is awful!!!

28/01/17 - I'm happy with my Carbon

29/01/17 - Now that is a special kind of ugly!

Posted by Daisy Cordell
for Wemoto News on 26 January 2017 in General News



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