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The Yamaha MT09 2015 is ultimately a capable and versatile triple with power and torque which is well balanced by weight and handling, making it a great go-anywhere motorcycle.

In the past only superbikes had this much usable power but modern bikes are in a different league. The MT has 115bhp from its 850cc three cylinder, DOHC 4 valve engine - very nice for a normal road bike and really what the modern rider has come to expect.

Nippy And Agile

Physically it’s a small bike, only slightly taller than the MT-07 with lightweight options used throughout to keep it agile. It has a relatively quiet exhaust sound but those who wish for a little more growl can easily alter this with an aftermarket exhaust.

The MT is a comfortable ride with wide bars which give the  rider full control. This control is necessary as it is a lively bike with a high revving engine, lots of torque and an abundance of power - it really wants to wheelie! Luckily it has reasonably efficient brakes too.

The main gripe about this bike though is the suspension, which is somewhat lacking. It has upside down telescopic front forks and 130mm travel rear shock, which look as though they’d do the job but there is a bit of wallow - any owners of this bike out there find this a problem? Probably as a commuter in standard form it’s fine, but perhaps tyres and suspension modifications might be something worth thinking about if you are planning to zip about a lot on it.

A To B

It has a large, clear and easy to read LCD instrument panel with all the information you might need. It tracks along just fine in STD mode but has A mode in which the engine is responsive and fun at speed and B mode which calms it down for riding in traffic, so once you have got to know the bike and how it handles you have different drive mode options for your trip depending on what you're doing.

Other virtues - it has a 14 ltr fuel tank which gives it plenty of range, a great seating position with good engine performance and a tank which narrows at the back to help any-sized rider get their feet down easily.

This is not an over priced motorcycle and it is truly versatile with the bonus of being relatively easy to upgrade with aftermarket parts (might need to do this for the suspension) to make it suitable for all walks - or rides - of life.

One of our staff members has one and loves it, this is what he has done to improve his ride:

Ready For Action!

II have a seat made by a friend, with gel incorporated and a higher pillion seat because my wife and I went for a small trip when I got the bike (brand new), and she said that the original seat was like sitting on a plank! We had a trip planned from the South of France to Greece on the bike for 3 weeks, which we did in September 2016 but we would never have made it with the stock seat. So it had to be done.

I have also changed the rear shock for an M-Factory shock. The stock shock was too soft and the bike was bouncing a lot on the corners, making it very wobbly. After fitting the new performance shock the bike totally changed and it really felt better when riding. This, for me, should be the first modification you should do to this bike. After that I fitted a new clutch cable from Slinky-Glide, as the original one for the first MT09 models (2014-2016) were known for having some issues on reaching the 10000 mile mark.

I have fitted a set of HEL brake lines from our workshop, and then fitted sintered Brenta pads which has transformed the braking power completely.

The Handlebars have been replaced with some Mx fat bars Protaper with Ricky Carmichael bend, to have a more forward position and more control of the front.

A Simota air filter has also been fitted which increases the throttle response and delivery, and makes it much smoother overall.

I have also fitted a full Akrapovic system with a carbon can, which gives the bike the sound that it deserves. A few other minor modifications:

- LED headlight bulbs (better visibility at night)

- LED indicators

- Tail tidy

- Crash protectors (engine and wheels)

- Givi quick release tank bag bracket

I have been to Corsica and crossed France a few times, did a track day at Silverstone and commute every day to Wemoto with this bike. To me this motorcycle is great fun no matter when or where you ride

So the verdict - a great user-friendly fun and capable motorcycle for commuting or for touring Europe - the touring holiday option looks best to us!

Posted by Lucy England
for Wemoto News on 27 February 2020 in General News



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