New patents filed by Kawasaki for a bike which is in development, show a combustion engine powered motorcycle, with an electric motor alongside.

So what's occurring here then? Well trying to invent a hybrid dual-drive motorcycle is a bit of a quest with the end result, hopefully covering every base. In theory a hybrid has the reliability of a petrol engine with the green credentials of an electric motor - versatile indeed.

With a hybrid you don't have to worry about range before charging and whether the infra structure is actually there for electric bikes yet, as the petrol engine is always available for back up and the bike is self charging.

The images from the patent application show a standard petrol touring motorbike with a supercharged 2 stroke engine, but underneath the normal exterior lurks a battery and an electric heart. The throttle works normally but is combined with a four-way joystick and a boost button.  This joystick is used to select different riding and battery modes. The top position uses the conventional engine and the electric motor simultaneously with normal use of the clutch and gearbox. The next position is the same but the electric motor in this position simply gleans energy to be stored in the battery. The bottom position is just electric with no input from the petrol engine.

Under the joystick is the 'boost button' which when employed, delivers extra electrical energy for a burst of acceleration.

There are many challenges to overcome with a hybrid, it has extra weight with a battery and a petrol tank but Kawasaki have dealt with this by introducing a much smaller than standard petrol tank as it's not the main power source, and it's located under the seat. The battery pack is where the petrol tank would've been.

One issue however might be that a 2 stroke is less fuel efficient and heavier on emissions due to the oil petrol mix producing soot. This factor doesn't help the green credentials, although modern fuel injection does improve this a lot though.

Ahead Of The Curve
Kawasaki is one of the front runners in the evolving world of motorcycles but still seems to be there in spirit rather than in wheels on the road with this hybrid, with patent applications the only thing around so far but nothing in the flesh. The Endeavor electric bike does actually exist but it's all electric not a hybrid motorcycle.

Is a hybrid something which you would consider if eventually appears on the scene? Maybe a step towards greening the world or is it over complicated and a stage of evolution you would leave in the motorcycle version of the primordial soup?

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26/10/20 - Everybody want to drive eletric but nobody want nuclear energy.
And verybody knows the new energy (gas, hydrogen.. ) but nobody want to leave the petrol business.

26/10/20 - Until they get the electricity to power these things from renewable energy sources, what's the point. Its like buying any electric vehicle that gets its power from coal fired power stations. A definite no

26/10/20 - Interesting

26/10/20 - The real answer to clean transport is the bicycle. They're the same as motorcycles, but without carbon emissions.

26/10/20 - Personally. I don’t the the world will ever be ready for everyone to be using electric vehicles. It’s just too much power for each of us to be using.
The only way around it in my opinion. Is hybrid. Either a fuel generator to charge the batteries and runs on the batteries. Or battery assisted power.

26/10/20 - The world is already in very serious trouble thanks to everybody using fossil fuel powered vehicles.
We just need to build enough renewable electricity sources. It won’t happen overnight, but Powergen have already stated that they will be able to produce enough electricity to power the expected increase of electric vehicles on UK roads while also transitioning to mostly renewable generation.

26/10/20 - Hybrid is the way forward.

26/10/20 - Electric vehicles are not a solution they're just a different problem.

26/10/20 - until you apply that electric to a bicycle, then it's a game changer.

26/10/20 - I accept it for certain people but misses the point if you are able to pedal.

26/10/20 - Mining for the rare metals in Africa. Go greens go !
I doubt there's enough Lithium and other elements in the world to make all the 50% recyclable batteries the world will need.
Just saying like, pure ethanol engines may make a lot of sense afterall ?

26/10/20 - Combustion all the way till i die

26/10/20 - Expensive rubish for nothing

Posted by Lucy England
for Wemoto News on 23 October 2020 in Technology



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