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If you want to get a feel for the transport Zeitgeist of current times, perhaps you should look no further than the scooter. For multiple reasons it seems to be the darling of the roads right now so why might that be? Well, firstly scooters are easy to ride, hop on and off and off you go, they are also easy to learn to ride on and kindly disposed towards even the newbie motorcyclist and, an added bonus in these times of rising fuel costs, really cheap to run. So what's not to like?

Core Blimey
The new NMAX 125 has a lot of great qualities, it boasts a Blue Core 125cc EURO5 engine and that engine, which was already unique in a scooter with its Variable Valve Actuation, now offers great torque at higher revs plus for 2021 traction control has been added and a new stop/start system helps fuel economy and emissions reduction.  The VVA operates via a second inlet rocker arm with an additional cam lobe. When the VVA actuates it engages a pin between he two inlet arms making them operate like a single arm. This means that the engine can run well at either low or high revs. When you're out riding you might not notice this at all but the power delivery is consistent and the bike is always smooth and powerful.

Another feature on the NMAX is a generator used to replace the starter motor. This is different from the standard scooter engine which has a starter motor connected to the drivetrain via a gear to the clutch which disconnects when the engine is spinning. Yamaha have combined this with the generator stator on the end of the crank which generates the electrical power and come up with a combined system which sends charge directly from the battery to the generator so it is pretty much a motor to start the engine if that makes sense. A quieter and lighter solution – clever.

Cutting A Dash
The dash has been restyled and its LCD display retained, but bluetooth connectivity has been added in the form of a CCU Communication Control Unit with phone notifications incoming to the dashboard. Data can be downloaded to the phone via Yamaha's app MyRide which is free.

Due to the nature of life at the moment, much is being delivered to people’s homes now on scooters and the NMAX has really got delivery people in mind with its new design on a rigid backbone frame and a comfy footplate. It has enhanced suspension for comfort and adding a top box has been made easier. It's a manoeuverable little animal about town with bright LED front and rear lights which aid visibility. Oh and keyless ignition to swerve the pocket key hunt with gloves on! What with around 200 miles from a tank full of petrol, that makes it a pretty practical little machine for most uses in town.

Going The Extra Mile
Like many scooters it has underseat storage for helmets etc but one slight niggle with it - it’s hard to fit most full face helmets into its storage space which is a bit annoying. The suspension makes it a nice stable ride with 13” wheels front and back – easy to find replacement tyres when required. The NMAX has ABS brakes which is nice to know – just a lot of extras which make it a really well thought through bike.

So all in all it's a great engine, a nippy but stable bike and easy on the eye with a lot of great technical and design features. Has anyone got one or tried one? If so let us know your verdict.

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Posted by Lucy England
for Wemoto News on 23 June 2021 in Motorcycles



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